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Day Trip: San Salvador Volcano & Restaurant La Pupusa Loka

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading about the amazing category 1 SPG hotel (3,000 or 4,000 SPG points per night) in San Salvador: Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel.  When we were not eating in the Sheraton club lounge or eating breakfast in the restaurant, we went on a day trip to a local volcano and pupusa restaurant.  The whole tour with admission to the volcano and transportation cost $40 per person.  Lunch was not included, but only cost me ~$7.  We started the tour at our hotel, picked up another person at a nearby hotel, and then drove to the volcano (~30 minute drive).  The volcano is in Parque El Boqueron.  Here is a beautiful painting on a brick wall.

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​Salar de Uyuni: Bolivia’s Magical, Mirror-like Salt Flat Oasis (2018 Dakar Rally & Crazy Photos)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading about the cable cars (Mi Teleférico) in La Paz, Bolivia. Luckily, the Salar de Uyuni salt flats are way more amazing than the cable cars. I have several photos at the bottom of this post that will have you scratching your head, saying, “How did they do that?!” In this post, I will share the details and cost of our guided tour, show what was provided by the tour and share some of my favorite photos from the salt flats. Let’s go!

We took off from La Paz International Airport (LPB) on a cold, cloudy morning with snow covered mountain peaks in the distance.

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