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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Airport Guide & Airline Lounge Locations

Buenos dias everyone! A friend recently asked some questions about an upcoming connection through LAX, and since there have been so many changes at that airport this year, I decided to write up a quick guide in case anyone else has an upcoming trip.

The Basics

LAX has 9 terminals – numbered 1-8 and TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal). TBIT and terminals 4-8 are connected by tunnels and bridges post-security; terminals 1-3 are not connected to anything. Note that if you’re going to TBIT and you have TSA PreCheck, there is no PreCheck at TBIT – you can go through the PreCheck lane in T4 and then walk to TBIT via the terminal connector (which conveniently drops you off right next to most of the lounges).

LAX Airport map from lawa.org

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ICYMI: Travel News Roundup for Friday, April 28, 2017

Here’s all the news that caught my eye this week – let me know if you learn something new!

Airlines + Miles

Starting Monday, Alaska Airlines lounges in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles will no longer allow Priority Pass cardholders to bring guests into the lounge. [Travel Codex]

Alaska flights to/from Seattle are moving to Terminal 2 at SFO starting next week. [Flyertalk] They also announced they will be moving both Virgin and Alaska flights to Terminal 7 at JFK later this year, joining their partners British Airways, Qantas, and Icelandair. [Travel Codex]

Gogo bought more capacity on a satellite over the Pacific Ocean, which it will relocate to provide enhanced in-flight wifi coverage for the West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and transpacific flights. [Runway Girl Network]

Canadian airline WestJet says it’s going to launch a low-cost carrier. [Cranky Flier] Continue reading

A friend asks: How many miles will you fly this year?

Math Numbers Equations

A friend asks: How many miles will you fly this year?

He wanted to know if I flew more than 100,000 miles, but I told him it was probably less than 10,000 miles for the year.  After he left, I started thinking more and though it was around 25,000 miles flown.  I kept thinking of trips I took earlier this year and trips that were coming up and wanted to get an exact number.

I wrote down all my flight segments and went on Great Circle Mapper to find the actual distances.  I’ve gone on quite a few trips this year and have plenty more flying through the rest of this year.  All my travel is personal, paid with miles or cash.

Total Miles Flown

I added up all the numbers and this is what I got… 44,624 flown miles, wow!  That might be my best year ever!

Air France 670
WestJet 1,081
LAN 1,455
United 4,841
Southwest 5,222
Alaska 6,337
American 12,503
US Airways 12,515
 TOTAL: 44,624

As you can tell, I’m literally “all over the map” (pun intended) with my airlines and don’t fly any airline exclusively.  How many miles will you have flown by the end of the year?  Let me know in the comments below.

A Million Thanks to Million Mile Secrets

Thank You

A Million Thanks to Million Mile Secrets

I want to thank Daraius from Million Mile Secrets for featuring me on his Friday morning “Big Travel with Small Money” series.  I have been a long time reader of his site and enjoy reading his articles every day.  I have had the pleasure to speak with Emily a few times and get a picture with her at the Frequent Traveler University in Tyson’s Corner, VA a few months back.  I highly recommend you guys check it out.  The next event is in Tampa, FL from September 27-29 (details here).

Emily and Grant

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Vancouver Vacation: Beware of Booking WestJet Flights on Delta.com

Westjet Loves Delta

Vancouver Vacation Trip Reports:

I am not sure how many of you have flown from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles, CA, but WestJet has a few flights per day at good prices.

WestJet ITA

In case you are not familiar with WestJet, they are the second largest Canadian airline behind Air Canada and the ninth largest airline in North America (thank you wikipedia).  They are, however, not affiliate with any airline alliance.  For that reason, I was surprised to see WestJet flights bookable on Delta.com.

I used my American Express Delta Credit Card to book 4 WestJet tickets (3 tickets are in a cheaper fare class than the last ticket).  Total charged to the credit card was $839.19.  Read My Delta American Express Credit Card was Stolen… from my Front Door? to find out what happened to my credit card before I booked these tickets. Continue reading