Travel Resources

Many of you have been asking about our travel gear and products we recommend. So we’ve put together this page to share with you.

The gear we use may not work for everyone. And everyone travels on a different budget. All travelers have different tastes and requirements while on the road. The following products are just what we’ve found works best for our particular travel styles. We prefer travel gear that’s functional, multi-purpose, comfortable, well-made, and as lightweight as possible.

Below you’ll find the travel products that we currently use and love.

Basic Travel Gear

Lightweight Packable Backpack

Filtered Water Bottle


Loksak Waterproof Bags

Lightweight Dry Sack

Sesame Oil

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Yoga Toes
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Travel Clothing

Packing Cubes

Buff Headwear

Cotton Scarf Wrap

Travel Pillow

Electronic Gear

Q-Link EMF Protector

Bose Headphones

Travel Charger

Universal All-In-One
Travel Adapter

SkyRoam Solis
Global WiFi Hotspot

The Jolt
Portable Charger