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About Grant

Hi everyone, thank you for checking out my new and improved About Me page.  Click here to view my original About Me page.

My name is Grant Thomas and I started Travel with Grant in May 2013.  After being an independent blogger for a few years, I joined Prior2Boarding.  The following year, I was promoted to BoardingArea.  I grew up in Southern California but now I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I met my wife, Laura, on Match.com thanks to a failed British Airways Avios promo and we planned our pre-honeymoon to Tahiti & Moorea.

I work full time and only a few weeks of PTO a year, but I try to go on 2-3 international trips every year and several weekend trips throughout the year.  I work very close to SFO and OAK, so I can usually get a nonstop flight to (almost) anywhere in the country.

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