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5 Buy Miles / Points Promos Ending Soon: Southwest Airlines (50%), United (50%), Etihad (30%), Alaska (60%), & Air France / KLM (50%)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I was working on my Buy Miles & Points Page and found 5 offers that end this month.  Always check the math to make sure that buying miles & points makes sense for you.  Do not buy miles & points speculatively unless you have a use in mind.  With that said, here are 5 offers that end soon.

Up first, Southwest Airlines is offering up to a 50% discount, depending on the number of Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points you purchase.   This offer expires today – February 23.

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Payment Posts Instantly when you Pay Bilt Credit Card via Wells Fargo Checking Account

Good afternoon everyone.  A few weeks ago, I wrote I Finally Got A Bilt Credit Card (Application Process, Earning & Redeeming Strategy, and Unboxing).  In that post, I shared that I was excited that I was approved for the Bilt Credit Card (my referral link) but confused why I was only approved for a $4,000 credit limit since I applied for 2 other credit cards afterward and was approved for a $22,000 credit limit on a Bank of America Air France / KLM Credit Card and a $17,200 credit limit on a Barclays JetBlue Plus Credit Card.  I knew with a $4,000 credit limit, it was going to be impossible challenging to spend $12,500 in the first 5 days in order to receive the maximum 50,000 bonus Bilt Points for new card members.

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How to Choose US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card 5% Bonus Categories in the App

Good evening everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I am a big fan of the US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card because you can pick 2 bonus categories every quarter that earn 5% cash back on $2,000 in eligible purchases.  You can pick the same 2 bonus categories every quarter, so you are not stuck with the bonus categories that the credit card companies have selected for you (I’m looking at you Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card and Discover It Credit Card).  I already have my Q1 (January 1 – March 31) bonus categories selected, but US Bank let’s you pick your next quarterly bonus categories 45 days (1.5 months) before the next quarter begins and you can change your selected categories up to 5 days before the quarter begins too.

Q2 (April 1 – June 30) bonus categories are now open, as of February 15.  To get started, sign into your US Bank account, click your Cash Plus Credit Card, and then click the Rewards tab at the top.

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PSA: Bank of America Won’t Automatically Send a Replacement Debit Card when your Card Expires

Good evening everyone, I hope you had a great Presidents’ Day Weekend.  Long story short, I realized my Bank of America checking account debit card expired in July 2022 and Bank of America never sent me a replacement debit card (until I requested a new debit card in February 2024).  Let me provide more background info, in case you are curious.

I opened the Bank of America checking account in July 2018 when Bank of America was offering a $150 new account bonus.  Bank of America is not my primary bank, but I kept the checking account opened for several years because I had 2 Bank of America Better Balance Rewards Credit Cards (RIP old friends) that provided a quarterly bonus for having a Bank of America checking account.  After Bank of America discontinued the Better Balance Rewards cards and product changed them to Unlimited Cash Rewards cards in May / June 2023, there was less of a reason to keep my Bank of America checking account.

I had my Bank of America debit card in my ApplePay Wallet all of those years and took my Bank of America debit card internationally when I travelled, in case I needed to get cash.  For the last 1.5 years, I had no idea that my debit card was expired and I never received any notice from Bank of America or in my ApplePay Wallet.

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New InKind Promo: $25 on Us (Spend $50 by 3/31/24)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday and happy Presidents’ Day Weekend.  If you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner plans this weekend, check your InKind app for their new promotion called $25 on Us.  You can get a $25 discount on your next $50 bill and the promo expires on March 31, 2024, so you have 1.5 months left to redeem.  Last month, I stocked up on InKind credits due to $65 InKind Credit for $27 (Stack $25 Citi Merchant Offer, $13 InKind Bonus & Maybe 160 JetBlue Points).  If you are new to InKind, you can use my referral link which will give you a $25 reward bonus after you spend $50 or more with InKind.

To find the reward, open your InKind app and look for the Reward section.  Clicking that should take you to the Rewards tab where you should see the $25 on Us promo.

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