Up to 50% Bonus on Alaska Airlines Miles (Expires October 4)

Good afternoon everyone.  Yesterday, I received an email from Alaska Airlines stating that they have a mystery buy miles promotion with up to a 50% bonus.  I was curious if I was targeted for the 50% bonus offer, and it looks like I was.  I know a lot of people chose Alaska Airlines when they purchased their Marriott Rewards Travel Packages, but if you still need more Alaska Airlines miles, now is the time to buy more.  A 50% bonus is very generation from Alaska Airlines, so check to see if you were targeted for the 50% bonus.  Always remember to check your math before purchasing miles and points and make sure you have a redemption in mind.

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Marriott Rewards Travel Package Update

Marriott Rewards official launch day for combining Marriott and Starwood programs came and went, but not without controversy around its Travel Packages. At first Marriott disallowed changes to their Travel Packages and members who had Travel Packages were, to say the least, frustrated by the way Marriott had been communicating all along and especially during the launch period.

Fortunately for Marriott and its members holding Travel Packages, the main two issues have been resolved. Continue reading

Are You Protected from the SIM Swap Hack?

Enjoy sharing your travel adventures with others? Of course you do! So do I. But over time it’s become more and more apparent that we need to be very careful how we do this. And on which mobile device we use. As frequent travelers, one of the most popular ways for sharing our travels is using Instagram. But it’s not just Instagram. Use Amazon, PayPal, or services like Netflix or Hulu on your phone? Then you need to make sure you keep your phone number safe from hackers who SIM swap your phone number and steal it. And don’t link your phone number to your online accounts, either, like Facebook or Twitter. All the major US cell phone providers have introduced new security features. Make sure you implement them. Here’s how!

Buy Points Promos: 40% Hyatt Bonus & 100% IHG Bonus Ending Next 24-48 Hours

Good afternoon everyone.  I have 2 buy points promos that are ending in the next 24-48 hours.  The first is with Hyatt.  Hyatt is running a mystery offer where you can buy Hyatt points and get up to a 40% bonus.  This offer ends tomorrow (August 21), so if you need Hyatt points, you need to act fast!  You might be targeted for a higher or lower buy points promo, so check the math to see if it makes sense.

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Who Sells Uber Gift Cards?

Have you ever been in the “know” about a topic only to find out you were in the “how did I NOT know about this” with that very same topic? Even though, thanks to Harry, our Uber insider, I’m totally in the know when it comes to all things Uber, I’m not an Uber user myself.

But my cousin is! She uses Uber a lot. So when I wanted to get her a special present, being the practical cousin that I am, I thought an Uber gift card would be the perfect gift. I figured Uber had gift cards since every business these days has gift cards. But I had no idea which stores carried them. I’m not late to the party of people who enjoy earning extra miles and points on purchases, though it’s entirely possible I am late to the party in knowing about this Uber link. So just in case you’re like me and need gift cards for those Uber using special people in your life (or even for yourself), take a look at this link. I don’t like showing up to stores and finding they don’t carry the gift cards I’m shopping for, and I’d imagine you don’t either. Here’s the link to find a store near you. Just plug in a zip code and you’re good to go. And please, don’t tell my cousin about her upcoming gift!