Exclusive Chase Ink Cardholder Offer: Expedia Business Rewards

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Exclusive Chase Ink Cardholder Offer: Expedia Business Rewards

I am assuming everyone and their mother, father, sister, and brother has a Chase Ink Bold or a Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card.  If you do not, please stop reading now.  This is exclusively for Chase Ink Cardholders.

If you have a Chase Ink Business Credit Card, you have access to Ink Insiders – special deals/offers for Ink cardholders.  Click here to go to Chase Ink Insiders.

Expedia Rewards

Chase has teamed up with Expedia to promote Expedia’s Business Rewards program.  When you book 10 qualifying (aka paid) nights, you will get a $100 hotel coupon.  In a sense, each paid night earns $10 in Business Rewards.  To join the program, click the Access Ink Insider button.

Ink Expedia

Enter your last name and first 6 digits of your Chase Ink Credit Card.

Ink Verify

I have proved my eligibility with Chase Ink Insiders.

Ink Verify Confirm

I now have access to all Chase Ink Insider offers!  Click the Start Saving button to go to Expedia’s Business Reward Sign Up Page.

Ink Access

Welcome to the Chase Ink / Expedia Business Reward home page.  Click the Sign Up Today button.

Expedia Ink Front Page

Enter your company’s information and link to an existing Expedia account.  You can also create a new account just for the Expedia Business Rewards program.

Expedia Register

Now you can send invitations to your employees to join your Expedia Business Rewards account.

Invite Employees

If you send invitation links, click the Email Invitation For Me button.  Otherwise, click the skip this step for now link.

Invitation Link

Congratulations, you have created your Expedia Business Rewards account.

Thank you for Joining

The Expedia Business Rewards Dashboard shows how many rewards you have.  Supposedly, I should get 1 qualifying night for creating an account.  I will check back in a few days.

Welcome Page

There are other offers like Google AdWords, Avis corporate discounts, and other services in your Chase Ink Insiders page.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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