$500 Visa Gift Cards are Back at Office Depot!

UPDATE: $500 Visa Gift Cards are on Life Support (Cash Only Starting Monday), read the update post here.

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$500 Visa Gift Cards are Back at Office Depot!

I was shopping at my local Office Depot store in Southern California and saw a bunch of $500 Visa Gift Card on the gift card rack. I couldn’t believe it!

These haven’t be around for several months but I was able to use my Chase Ink Bold Business Credit Card and get 5x on the purchase.  With this purchase, I earned 5 x 505 = 2,525 Chase Ultimate Reward Points.  Read What are 65,000 or 85,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points Worth? (With Short Answers and Colorful Charts!) if you don’t know why Chase Ultimate Reward Points are amazing.




The gift cards are Vanilla Visa Gift Cards and you create a PIN number during your first purchase, so no need to pre-assign a PIN number.


VV Pin

If you are in SoCal, the Office Depot I went to is at The District.  Any questions?

39 thoughts on “$500 Visa Gift Cards are Back at Office Depot!

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  2. Mileswhore

    Yes they are. Select any 4 digit pin and that’s the pin. 1 hour delay to use after purchase.

  3. Andrew

    they are, I have bought these type at cvs, I think the last 4 digits of the card number will work.

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  5. Paul

    Interesting. I’ve run across old stock of those variable load cards twice in the last several months (identical packaging, but seemed to be old stock from the earlier in the year before they pulled the variable load cards). Both times the register was hard coded against accepting the variable load cards – which went into effect back in February.

    How much stock did they have at the store?

      1. Lee

        I bought a 500.00 VISA Gift Card, the next day I took this GC to WM and asked that the GC be transferred to my Bluebird. The response was that they can not do that with gift cards. So no transfer of the cash balance to my Bluebird card. Help, what have I done wrong?

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  8. Xina

    Hi, I bought this and went to walmart kiosk and entered the last 4 digit of the card, but the card was not accepted. How could I assign PIN # without purchase?

  9. SoCal Biz 101

    great post Grant, I tried to load onto bluebird right after purchase, but thanks for the heads up that it takes one hour to create the pin.

  10. Xina

    I did enter the last 4 digits of the GC number, but, it didn’t take it. I even tried twice. When I checked online, it showed as “Denied; Delayed Redemption” twice on the transaction.

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  12. PanNuoQuan

    Did any one successfully buy Vanilla Reload Pack? I tried that yesterday but system declined.

      1. PanNuoQuan

        Office Depot. I was able to purchase Vanilla reload pack in CVS. But I tried Vanilla Reload pack in Office Depot on 07/04/2013 and system declined.

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  15. Logan

    So what is the status of buying $500 GCs at office supply stores with a CC? I just got a hold of an Ink Bold and need some cost effective spend to generate URs.

    1. Grant

      You can’t buy variable load gift cards ($20-$500) with credit cards, only the fixed value gift cards ($200). Have fun with your new Chase Ink Bold. Did you sign up for Visa Savings Edge too?


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