Update: SPG Starpoint Transfers to Family Members take 26-27 Days, not 30

Dad Giving SPG

Update: SPG Starpoint Transfers to Family Members take 26-27 Days, not 30

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Now that my dad has the SPG card, he is working on the $5,000 minimum spending requirement to receive the full 30,000 SPG Starpoints.  He received the first 10,000 SPG Starpoints after his first purchase.

I have been trying to transfer SPG points from his SPG account to my SPG account and was glad to see that Award Wallet has updated both of our accounts.

Grant Dad SPG Award Wallet

The transfer went through to my account yesterday (September 8).

Grant SPG Activity

… and on September 8 for my dad as well.

Dad SPG Activity

The interesting thing is that SPG says you need to have had the same address for at least 30 days, but that doesn’t appear to be true.  My dad was approved for the SPG card on August 6, but he didn’t create his SPG account until August 13 (entered our home address).  So it appears that you only need to have the same address for around 26-27 days, not the 30 SPG claims it takes.

SPG Transfer Form

This may or may not be helpful to anyone, but at least I got the SPG points a few days earlier than expected.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Update: SPG Starpoint Transfers to Family Members take 26-27 Days, not 30

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  2. choi

    Grant, got a question unrelated to this topic,, got 2cards left over from the last month fiasco, Home Improvement card, I want to use it on UR mall for Home Depot GC, Its 4pts this month, do you think I would get credit for it ?

    1. Grant

      Do you want to use your Home Improvement gift card through the UR mall to buy a Home Depot gift card on homedepot.com?

      You might get credit for it, but its probably not worth the time/effort. I would just go to Home Depot and use it in-store.

  3. choi

    its a lot of points, got 1k worth of HI cards so if it works, its 4k in UR pts, then turn around and buy stuffs at HD site through UR for more pts, but only if the first step works

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