9 FTU Facts and Photographs

FTU Tampa

9 FTU Facts and Photographs

This is my third FTU and there are a few things I learned this time.  There will always be someone at FTU with…

  1. More frequent flyer miles than you (Thanks Steve Belkin and his 40+ million miles)
  2. More hotel loyalty points than you (Steve Belkin wins again)
  3. More travel credit cards than you (my 17 look small in comparison)
  4. More passports than you (Rapid Travel Chai recommends getting a duplicate passport and a passport card)
  5. Better travel secrets than you (US Mint deal and PayPal deal etc.)
  6. More Bluebird cards and better reload stories than you
  7. Access to more airport lounges than you (as I type this in an AA lounge in Miami)
  8. More twitter followers than you
  9. Better dressed than you (no shame in t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops)

But I wouldn’t change a thing.  The people you meet, the stories you share, the tips and tricks you learn, make FTUs a great place to be and that’s why I love to go.

Here are some funny and random pics from my FTU trip: 

View from the wing (an airplane, not Gary)

View From The Wing

Southwest Airline winglets (saving fuel one winglet at a time)

SWA Winglet

Dachshund “chasing” SPG platinum at the Sheraton Suites in Tampa

SPG Gold Dog

Georgia Bulldogs mascot at a sports bar next door to the hotel

Georgia Dogs

Frequent Miler and Frequent Miler Junior me outside FTU

Frequent Miler

Life is like a box of (alligator) chocolates (compliments of the Sheraton Suites driver)

Chocolate Aligators

The US Airways lounge is packed on Monday morning!

Club Panoramic

Great views of the airport

US Club

If you were at FTU, what did you like the most?  Please leave a comment below.

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