A Big Favor for IHG’s Big Win Promo (Plus more Pumpkin Carvings)

IHG Big Win

A Big Favor for IHG’s Big Win Promo (Plus more Pumpkin Carvings)

If you are unfamiliar with IHG’s Big Win Promo, please read Mile Values post.  In essence, IHG wants you to stay at their hotel properties so they are giving out hundreds of thousands of IHG reward points for completing The Big Win.  Here are my offers:

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Anyways, a blog reader turned friend wanted me to help him reach The Big Win and needed a stay in another state.  He lives in Texas and I live in California, so I searched for a property close by my work and found the “lovely” Candlewood Suites in Lake Forest / Irvine.  He paid for the stay, probably around $70 or so, and I checked in as his plus one.  The room was all paid for, I just needed to use my credit card for the security deposit.

Here are the hotel room pics (drum roll please)… 


Looks like a very comfy bed, but I didn’t test it out.  Good thing the 2 of us friends weren’t staying in the same room together…


Desk and flat screen TV.


Kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, and a dishwasher.  Very nice…


Spacious shower and bathroom.


So what crazy things have you done for other miles and points junkies?  If anyone needs help booking an IHG hotel in SoCal for The Big Win promo, please let me know and I might be able to help.

P.S. Here are some pics of the pumpkins from my work’s pumpkin “carving” contest:

3 Minions from Despicable Me


Cinderella Pumpkin


Pumpk-alien (my personal favorite)


Me on a Friday night…


Junior needs braces, I hope the orthodontist takes credit cards :)


Baby pumpkin (I hope this better not win)


Full size Minion spreading the holiday spirit.


7 thoughts on “A Big Favor for IHG’s Big Win Promo (Plus more Pumpkin Carvings)

  1. Hank

    I’m in one of the situations where literally one Saturday night stay somewhere at a non Holiday Inn in one of the major cities will meet all of the criteria left (I stayed four consecutive nights at a Holiday Inn in Chicago last month). The Candlewood Suites Garden Grove is $69 a night when booked 14 days in advance so I may end up going there.

      1. Hank

        Not as close as I’d like but I can drive 30 miles to get there. Just have to find a couple hours on a Saturday night to do this.

          1. Hank

            There is the Crowne Plaza by LAX which also offers good rates on Saturday nights. The Holiday Inn La Mirada is cheaper but it also doesn’t allow me to “explore the brands”. Ultimately I will probably make the drive over there on a Saturday night, visit some friends in the OC and not come back up for the evening. Schedule another meet up and then I will make it an even better excuse.

          2. Grant

            I will have to talk to Travel Summary and see what his schedule is like. I am busy every weekend in November, so December would be better for me.

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