Part 2 – Hilton Elara Timeshare in Las Vegas (Perks and Presentation)

Hilton Grand Vacations

Part 2 – Hilton Elara Timeshare in Las Vegas (Perks and Presentation)

Time for my timeshare.  Let the fun begin.  Vacation Experience Reception, here I come!


The timeshare agent was very friendly and showed me around some of the rooms on the 65th floor.  Great views from up there.  Now we sat down and talked numbers.  lots of numbers.  Anyone with an MBA in statistics will probably understand what is going on.  Good luck to everyone else (myself included).


The one thing that caught my attention was the transfer ratio of Hilton Timeshare Points to Hilton HHonors Points (1:25 ratio).  Looking at the numbers below, 125,00 Hilton HHonors Points seem like a lot, but not since March’s massive devaluation.  I brought that up to the agent and he said it was a “minor change.”


The really funny thing was that the agent wanted me to pay for the timeshare with a credit card, specially an American Express Hilton HHonors Credit Card, and he had an application handy.  I told him that I already had a Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Credit Card and that it had a better earning rate, but he didn’t believe me.  Oh boy.  I told him that there were actually 4 different Hilton HHonors Credit Cards, but he didn’t believe that either.

After we went back a forth for a few minutes, I kept thanking him for his time but sad I wasn’t ready to purchase.  Another gentleman came by and offered me an “exclusive offer” offer for 8 days, 7 nights in their new Hawaiian Vacation property, but it would have cost $1,200 for that, so I turned him down as well.

Now for what I came for (the perks)

15,000 Hilton HHonors Points, worth $75 to me (1/2 cpp)

15000 Hilton Points Certificate

The Hilton HHonors Points posted very quickly in just 2 days :)

15000 Hilton Timeshare Points

$200 Spend a Night on Us Certificate, worth about $100-$150 to me.  Basically you have to stay at any Hilton Hotel (no other Hilton brand) in the United States in the next 6 months, pay for the stay with a credit card, then send the invoice to Hilton, and they will send you a check for that amount.

$200 Hilton Credit

I plan on staying at the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel and found te most expensive room I could get under $200 (executive room level).

Hilton SFO

Dinner and show for 2 people at any of the following shows/restaurant.

2 Dinner and Show Tickets

My view from the wing of Las Vegas.

Bye Las Vegas

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

24 thoughts on “Part 2 – Hilton Elara Timeshare in Las Vegas (Perks and Presentation)

  1. Steve

    I have done timeshare presentations in Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and NYC. Its a hassle, but when you are finally able to get away from those vultures it is nice to enjoy the freebies.

  2. Shannon

    I am going to a Hilton Grand Vacations in January. First time share presentation, so I’ve been a bit nervous. Thanks for this inside scoop Grant!

  3. gordon burnett


    Did you actually end up using the Show and dinner passes? My wife and I are taking her parents on the same timeshare trp, if you did use the passes, feel liky unloading them?

    Gordey Burnett

    1. Grant

      I still have both the dinner and show passes. I’d be will to sell them and mail them to you. I’m not sure what they are worth though. Any thoughts?

  4. Nikki

    Where did you get the Hilton promote from. I’m going to las Vegas in June and was thinking of going to a time share promotion

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  6. Robert

    Grant, I believe that one really needs to have an MBA or at least BA title from a local college to comprehend that for 40-50K we may get way more than just 2-week vacation every year for a certain period of time :)

    1. Grant

      There are definitely ways to come out ahead, but most travel hackers prefer to use points on vacation, not paying for their stays.

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  8. Addie

    We signed up for the Orlando this year (taking our two kids to Disney) but hubby is not keen in the sales presentation because we are not interested in getting a time share at this time. Tips on how to say No when we get there?

    1. Grant

      Just say no, we are not interested. Most reps are used to hearing no, so you are not going to hurt their feelings. It’s not as bad as some people say timeshare presentations are.

  9. Sherrie

    I am signed up for this Hilton presentation. Will it take longer than the two hours? Is it high pressure sales?

  10. Steve

    Thanks for your review. We are scheduled next week for the presentation. We are staying at the Elara, They have changed their compensation package….we will get reimbursed for our stay and receive a coupon to stay at any Hilton in the future.
    We have sat through a timeshare presentation in Las Vegas and it was definitely high pressure. I am hoping it is a little toned down! Plus, we are bringing our 8 year old! I am pretty sure 1.5 hours will be more than enough for him! We have no plans on purchasing a time share at this time!

  11. LaMont

    My wife and I are attending for the first time next week in Las Vegas. Your post has definitely helped me. Thank you so much.


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