(Hotel Review) Radisson Blu Rome (44,000 Club Carlson Points/Night)

Radison Blu Front Sign

(Hotel Review) Radisson Blu Rome (44,000 Club Carlson Points/Night)

After a short, windy walk from Hotel De Monti (hotel review), we arrived at the Radisson Blu Rome.  It is right next to Termini Train Station.  I booked 2 nights at this hotel a few weeks ago with my Club Carlson points (planning/booking process).  After my stay last week at the Radisson Blu Amsterdam (hotel review), I didn’t know what to expect.

Radisson Blu Rome Map from Hotel De Monti

In the lobby, you can see the old Roman building that used to exist where the Radisson Blu is currently located.

Radisson Blu Rome Ancient Building

There was a convention going on this week for World Food Program.  This definitely is a business-oriented hotel, so there will probably be meetings and conventions going on all year round.  Since it is so close to the Termini Train Station, it is a great meeting point in Rome.

Radisson Blu Rome Hunger Convention

Here is the view from the courtyard outside the lobby.

Radisson Blu Rome Courtyard View

Like the title says, this hotel is 44,000 Club Carlson points per night, but if you have the Club Carlson credit card from US Bank, you get your second night free.  If you stay 2 nights, then it is basically buy one, get one free or both nights are half price.  At check-in, we were upgraded to a Business Class room (located on the 6th floor) which is a beautiful room with a walkout balcony (tons of photos below).  Unfortunately, even though I was upgraded to a Business Class room, I didn’t get complimentary breakfast (which is consist at all the Club Carlson properties I have stayed at).

Radisson Blu Rome Room Rate

Look toward the floor for your room number.  It is very reassuring to have a fire extinguisher by the hotel room…

Radisson Blu Rome Room Fire Extinguisher

Anyways, the moment you have all waited for, the inside of the hotel room…

Radisson Blu Rome Room1 Radisson Blu Rome Room2 Radisson Blu Rome Room3 Radisson Blu Rome Room4 Radisson Blu Rome Room5 Radisson Blu Rome Shower Radisson Blu Rome Bathroom1 Radisson Blu Rome Bathroom2 Radisson Blu Rome Bathroom3 Radisson Blu Rome Light TV Radisson Blu Rome Minibar Radisson Blu Rome Bank Safe

And the view from the balcony onto the center courtyard.

Radisson Blu Rome Balcony1 Radisson Blu Rome Balcony2 Radisson Blu Rome Balcony3 Radisson Blu Rome Balcony4

At night, some of the rooms have cool color lights coming from the bottom of the curtains.

Radisson Blu Rome Night View

Here is the view from the roof-top pool (freezing water).

Radisson Blu Rome Pool1 Radisson Blu Rome Pool2 Radisson Blu Rome Roof1 Radisson Blu Rome Roof2

Here is the view of the Termini Train Station on the other side of the hotel.

Radisson Blu Rome Train Station1 Radisson Blu Rome Train Station2 Radisson Blu Rome Train Station3

Here are some of the drawback about this hotel:

If you redeem points, they will not include free breakfast, so we had to pay for breakfast both times. They have a 6 Euro breakfast which is really tiny and consists of a hot beverage and your choice of small, bite-size breakfast food. You do not get any fruit or cereal, just small pastries. If you are hungrier than that, you can go with a more expensive breakfast option.

Also, the hotel is not in the best part of Rome. Walking around the hotel, you will not see many tourists. This is where the locals live, so the food is really cheap and you can find some great deals. If you want to explore the tourist sections of Rome, you can walk to Termini Train Station which is about 5 minutes to the northwest of the Radisson Blu. From there, you can get to just about any where in Rome, to the airport, or any other part of Italy.

If I were staying in Rome in the future, I would probably stay at the Hotel De Monti instead. If you go in the off-season, room rates are very affordable, you get a huge selection of complimentary breakfast choices, you are close to some fantastic restaurants and gelaterias, and you are in walking distance of the main tourist sites.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Arrivederci everyone!

14 thoughts on “(Hotel Review) Radisson Blu Rome (44,000 Club Carlson Points/Night)

  1. Jerry Mandel

    Rome—It looked like what is common in Europe. Water from the shower will run all over the bathroom. Is it true that, in every Carlson in the world, breakfast is not included when using points?

  2. David H

    Grant, thanks for the review. I am considering redeeming points for a stay. Even though the location is not in the tourist area, does the train station nearby allow easy access to tourist areas without changing trains multiple times? Is the are clean and safe?

    1. Grant

      It is about a 5 minute walk to the train station form the hotel. That is the intersection of the A and B Metro lines which will take you all around Rome and to all major tourist sites. You can also take regional train from that station if you are going outside of Rome. The train station is clean and safe during the day, it looks a bit sketchy during the night, but if you have been to a big city and used public transportation before, you will be fine.

  3. Lynn

    I used 66k for a business class room including breakfast for next Oct. I’m also getting my 2nd night free with the credit card. I read that the breakfast buffet is wonderful, so thought it was worth the extra points.

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  5. Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome

    hi Grant!! We are happy that you enjoyed your stay. Thank you also for helping the other traveller with all your suggestions. We hope to see you again! Regards

  6. Giddy for Points

    So many mixed reviews about the hotel. I’m also getting a Business room with Bfast. Looks like very little privacy in these rooms. Pool looks nice but whats the point if you can’t even swim in it lol.

  7. Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome

    Hello dear future guest! Just to inform you that you can absolutely swim in our 20 meters swimming pool! It is open until September. See you!

  8. Tim

    Our family of three will be staying here in June 2015. Can you list some of the affordable, but good restaurants in the neighborhood?

    1. Grant

      I wouldn’t necessarily recommend any restaurants within walking distance, it is kind of in the non-touristy area of Rome. You will be able to take taxis or trains to more touristy areas.


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