March 11, 2014: Staples will be Removed from Plink

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March 11, 2014: Staples will be Removed from Plink

(Hat tip to Gary)  See the update post here.

All good things must end, unfortunately.  Luckily, there is still time to make 10 qualifying purchases at Staples before the March 11 deadline.  This is a huge letdown, since most of us earned 99% of our Plink Points from Staples.  On the positive side, maybe we will see Office Max or Office Depot?  That’s a long shot, but it could happen.

Plink Staples Ending 3.11.2014

Since starting with Plink, I have earned a lifetime total of 15,945 Plink Points = $159.45 in Amazon Gift Cards.  Pretty good deal, how many Plink Points do you have in your account? (Hint: go to the My Account tab and scroll all the way to the bottom)

Lifetime Plink Points

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 

Possibly some good news on March 11 or 12:
Office Depot will be on Plink starting March 12.

15 thoughts on “March 11, 2014: Staples will be Removed from Plink

  1. Kyle

    Thanks for the heads up Grant, that stinks tho. Loved buying the $200 visas and getting plink pts there. Let us know what replaces Staples

  2. Brandon

    Why did Plink remove Staples? Is there any way to ask? Now, the only useful Plink partner is Dollar General. Grant, I know it’s not in your region of the US, but has anyone had any luck with buying reload cards or Visa gift cards at Dollar General? You could hypothetically buy $500 reload cards for 2.70 or $500 Visa gift cards for 3.70 by taking advantage of Plink rewards.

    1. Grant

      It is entirely possible for Staples and Plink to create a new contract with new (payout) terms. No idea about Dollar General.

      You can email Plink or send them a tweet @plinkdotcom

  3. Wes

    I thought I was lucky. Live in the small town but big enough have 2 walmart, 1 CVS, 1 Walgreens and 1 staples. Now, Walgreens no longer allow to buy Visa GC with CC….and Staples no longer with Plink….:( sigh

    Btw, first time post comment in any blog. Grant, You really are a good blogger !!!! Thanks for what you done to reader.

  4. tgienger

    I haven’t been into an Office Depot in years. Anybody know if we can buy VGC with our Ink’s there?

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