How to Add a Credit Card to Shopkick

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How to Add a Credit Card to Shopkick

Create a Shopkick account here.

First off, I want to thank those of you who have already signed up for Shopkick through my sign up link above.  I hope you have already started earning Shopkick Kicks and are almost ready to redeem your Kicks for gift cards.  In case you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, please read Office Depot + Plink + Shopkick = 1 Big Happy Family.

I should have explained in more detail how to add a credit card (preferably a Chase Ink Bold/Plus MC/Visa) to your Shopkick account.  So this post is better late than never.  It is actually quite easy to do in just a few steps…

Log into your Shopkick account on your smartphone and click on Settings in the lower left corner.

Kick Settings

Click the Kicks When You Buy link.

Kicks When You Buy

You can link a total of 6 credit/debit cards to your Shopkick account, but they can only be Visa or MasterCard credit cards.  Click the Link My Card button.

Link My Card

Select Visa or MasterCard by tapping on the logo below.

Link Visa or MasterCard

For Visa, you enter your credit card information, enter your personal information, and click the submit button at the bottom.

Link Visa Card

For MasterCard, enter your credit card information and click the Link button at the bottom.

Link MasterCard

That’s all you have to.  If you use any of the credit/debit card registered to your Shopkick account at a participating merchant, you will earn bonus Shopkick Kicks.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!

P.S. Plink has refilled its “gift card rack”, so feel free to redeem your Plink Points before all the good gift cards are gone…

Plink GC Available

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7 thoughts on “How to Add a Credit Card to Shopkick

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  2. Mike

    I’ve been told by Shopkick that my 2 Office Depot stores nearby in Seattle don’t support Shopkick. Any ideas about variance within the chains?

    1. Grant

      Really? I’m surprised. Is it a hardware issue (like OD doesn’t have the latest Beacon technology) or that your OD purchases aren’t earning Shopkick Kicks?

      1. Mike

        Me too. I thought it was a national program. The Shopkick app tells me that the stores are not supported. When I call OD, either Beavis or Butthead answers and not only have no understanding of their store’s capabilities, but have never heard of Shopkick.


    I have been trying for months to unlink an old credit card from my account, but it’s not unlinking. What should I do next? I tap unlink and the circle spends for hours.


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