Travel with Grant Meet Up Next Saturday Night (March 29) at In-N-Out (Tustin District)

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Travel with Grant Meet Up Next Saturday Night (March 29) at In-N-Out (Tustin District)

For those of you free next Saturday night (and located in Orange County / LA County / San Diego County), come join me and a few of my travel-hacking friends for a “meat meet and eat” at In-N-Out.  Myself and Travel Summary hosted our first meet up at this In-N-Out a few months ago (link) and I have been getting requests for another one ever since.  I haven’t talked to Travel Summary about this, but I was planning on meeting there from 6-8pm, but the last one lasted until close to 10pm since we had so much to talk about.

In-N-Out Address

If you are interested in attending, please leave a comment below so I can see how many people are interested.

Other side notes:

  • I already received my Citi American Airlines Executive credit card, Chase Ink Bold Visa charge card, Discover It with Cal State Fullerton design, and Bank of American Alaska Airlines Business credit card from my app-o-rama last Thursday (link).
  • I have a post in the pipeline regarding free Lounge Club membership for having a Chase Ink Bold/Plus credit card.
  • Another post in the pipeline: move over Chase and American Express, Discover might have the best customer service and social media team.
  • Another post in the pipeline: how to earn Shopkick points for walking in the front door, taking pics of barcodes, and earning points for adding credit cards.
  • Another post in the pipeline: signing up for Visa Savings Edge program for Visa business credit cards.
  • Last but not least post in the pipeline: selling gift cards to

If you have a preference for which post I work on first, please leave a comment below.  I have a pretty slow weekend planned, so I will try to get all of these posts done, but no promises…

12 thoughts on “Travel with Grant Meet Up Next Saturday Night (March 29) at In-N-Out (Tustin District)

  1. Robert

    I would love to read your tips on selling gift cards. No VRCs in my area, so buying and selling gift cards seems like a possible alternative.

  2. Jay

    Great site, Grant.

    I had a question about the paypal debit card. Besides funding bluebird, in what other cases have you been using the debit card for cashback instead of a credit card?

      1. Jay

        Thanks, the reason I asked is because I came across one of your posts and it showed cashback of over $500.. were those old purchases when you didn’t have a credit card?

  3. choi

    Grant, I was at the some store that has Vannila Reload that doesnt have the Amex logo(just netspend and some other logo), can these be loaded to BB. I ve tried to call VR CS but got a run-around with its phone system. do you have any insite ? count me in for Saturday..


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