My Exciting Day: New Office Depot, 20,000 Point Plink Winner?, and Amazon Gift Cards in Stock

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My Exciting Day: New Office Depot, 20,000 Point Plink Winner?, and Amazon Gift Cards in Stock

I’m sure your day was just as exciting as mine, but here is how it went…

There is a new Office Depot store that just opened near me so I went to check it out…

New Office Depot Irvine

And I see the gift card rack, all full of gift cards.  Those $200 Visa gift cards are hard to find at the other Office Depot stores in town.  I looked at both sides of the gift card rack and didn’t see any special wording about using cash for certain gift cards.  So I take a OneVanilla gift card to the check out counter and try to load $500 to it.  Unfortunately the register is not working properly, saying “Card Declined” – after just scanning the barcode on the back of the gift card.  Manager comes over and tries, but no luck.  I go back to the gift card rack and try to buy a $200 fixed value gift card, but the same error message shows up.  Ughh, it must be the system.  I will try back again later this week, but I’m sure they will have blocked the $500 cards from being purchased with a credit card by then. 

Office Depot GC Rack

Anyways, as I was driving home, I got an email from Plink saying that I had won something from their recent raffle.  I log in and check the list of winners and see that my name is on the 6th Prize list, with 20,000 Plink Points available.  I couldn’t believe my luck.

20000 Point Winners

However, after I got home, I checked again and my winners were majorly cut down to 200 Plink Points.  Poor me :(

200 Point Winners

But on the bright side, I was able to redeem my 200 Plink Points toward a $10 Amazon gift card.

Recent Plink Activity

P.S. Plink has just restocked their virtual store so you can log in and redeem for Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

Plink Gift Cards In Stock

In other news, the SPG iPhone app has an update that says you can now make SPG Starpoints and Cash+Points reservations from within the app.  I was just thinking about this feature this afternoon.  Good work SPG – you mind readers!


Also, for those of you that go to the Elephant Bar Restaurant, they have a new iPhone (maybe Android too) app where you get a free appetizer for creating an account.  Saved me $5 off my calamari tonight.

Elephant Bar App

Lastly, if you haven’t already, please read Frequent Miler’s post today titled Frequent Miler’s leaked campaign strategy (link) – it is awesome, and don’t forget to vote for him for having the best blog (sorry TBB).


Have a great night everyone!

9 thoughts on “My Exciting Day: New Office Depot, 20,000 Point Plink Winner?, and Amazon Gift Cards in Stock

  1. Steve

    Hey Grant,
    Went to the new Office Depot today. Still unable to purchase any gift cards including Shell gas cards. Very friendly staff. Still working out the “glitches”. Will go back next week and let you know…unless you get back there sooner:) Then went to the OD on Alton where they were out of Shell cards and $200 gift cards. Sure hope that either Staples or Office Max gets back into Plink. Take care.

    1. Grant

      Thanks Steve, you just saved me 20 minutes of driving to the new store and being disappointed. I guess the full gift card rack was a sign, not a blessing. Are you only trying to buy $200 visa gift cards? I buy $200 AMEX gift cards and use them to buy VRCs at CVS. Maybe I’ll stop by the new store tomorrow.

  2. Steve

    The only cards that I buy at the office supply stores with my Ink are $200 Visa gift cards, Shell gas cards, Subway cards, and sometimes another restaurant or department store if I know I am going to use one of these soon. Not sure that the math works for me to buy $200 Amex to buy VRC’s. Actually I am trying to cut down a little on my MS at office stores with the Ink and somewhat shift a little more MS onto Starwood and Fidelity cards. Having said that, I would emphasize that I feel the Chase UR program is still the best game in town. As of now, it is not my intention to get one of the new Amex Everyday cards. Have you made a decision regarding these cards?

    1. Grant

      Since AMEX won’t let me convert my AMEX Mercedes Benz Charge Card to a Personal Credit Card, I will probably convert my Delta Gold SkyMiles Credit Card after my upcoming Delta trip to Salt Lake City (I want early boarding). My annual fee is coming up on that card and it is a great excuse to convert. Also, my AMEX Hilton HHonors Surpass Credit Card is on the chopping block along with my AMEX SPG Personal Credit Card. I haven’t stayed at an SPG Hotel in many many months. Last year I was 90% SPG loyal, now I am 0% loyal. Thanks SPG devaluation.


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