Sunday Funday: My New Global Entry ID Card, New AMEX Serve Pages, and a New Travel eBook from

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday: My New Global Entry ID Card, New AMEX Serve Pages, and a New Travel eBook from

Happy Sunday everyone, wherever you may be… Some random stuff for you to check out:

Read about my experience getting my Global Entry ID Card last week at Seattle International Airport here.

Global Entry Card Front

I’ve been busy working on some new AMEX Serve pages, here are all my AMEX Serve pages:

Lastly, I received an email from Casey at a few days ago and I wanted to promote his new travel ebook titled The PointsAway – The Deluxe Edition available as an interactive PDF through the iTunes Store (works on iPads and Macs only).  You can watch a preview of the book here (preview of a book?  Now I’ve seen everything!)

Normally the ebook sells for $14.99 (first chapter is free though), but Casey was kind enough to provide 3 free codes (first come, first serve):

Here are a few promo codes you can share with readers. They can put these in through iTunes or the iBookstore and it’ll download right away:

**All codes redeemed**

If you do download the ebook, please let me know what you think.  An Amazon Kindle version is coming soon, so stay tuned if you do not have an iPad or Mac.

If you have any other Sunday comments or questions, please let me know.

P.S. looking forward to another exiting episode of the Amazing Race tonight, please don’t tell me what happens.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: My New Global Entry ID Card, New AMEX Serve Pages, and a New Travel eBook from

    1. Grant

      Global Entry is a program from the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) that allows US citizens to go through US customs much quicker. Instead of standing in long lines when you fly back to the United States, you can go directly to a Global Entry kiosk and go through customs very quickly. Global Entry is valid for 5 years and then will have to be renewed (probably to get an updated picture). Along with Global Entry, you get complimentary TSA Pre Check which allows you to go through TSA security very quickly without taking your shoes off, belt off, liquids out, laptop out, etc. Sounds cool right?

        1. Grant

          Check out the link in the article to see all the details. Cost is $100, but I got a $100 statement credit from American Express for using my Mercedes Benz Platinum Credit Card. TSA Pre Check is for all flights within the US and leaving the US.

  1. William Charles

    Book looks interesting, just purchased it and will give it a read on my next flight. We also did a soft launch on our bank account bonus ebook for those interested, no charge just sign up to the mailing list!

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