I Closed my AMEX Gold Delta SkyMiles and Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Cards Today

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I Closed my AMEX Gold Delta SkyMiles and Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Cards Today

This morning, I made two short calls to American Express and Chase to close two credit cards.  I tried asking for retention bonuses or to waive the annual fees last month (read Retention Bonus Results for a Chase United, AMEX Delta, and Citi American Airlines Credit Card), but wanted to see if I would have better luck calling again.  I didn’t expect much in terms of retention offers, I probably spend less than $1,000 total on both of these cards over the last 12 months, so I was prepared to close the cards if I didn’t get a good offer.  If you are curious, you can listen to the 9 minutes call below, or download it here: AMEX Delta and Chase United Recon Calls.m4a

After striking out getting a retention offer on my American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, I asked if it was possible to convert the card to an AMEX Everyday (or Preferred) credit card.  The agent said it was not possible at this time, so I instead asked for the $5,000 credit line be moved to my American Express Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card.  Instead of moving the entire amount, the agent was only able to move $4,500 over, keeping $500 with the Delta credit card.  I have to wait a few days for the request to be processed and wait for a letter in the mail from American Express.  After the credit line has been moved, I will call back and officially close my Delta credit card.  I wish American Express was instant like Chase…  

Current Delta Gold Account

My next call was to Chase to see if I could get a retention offer for my United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Card.  Unfortunately I struck out again.  I asked the agent if she could transfer the $5,000 credit line over to my Chase Freedom Credit Card, but was again told I could only transfer $4,500 to a different credit card.  I told her that was fine with me and she processed the request right away.

Old United and Freedom

Moments later, the agent successfully moved the $4,500 credit line to my Chase Freedom Credit Card and my United credit card was closed.

New United and Freedom

To hide closed credit cards from your Chase account, click the Customer Center link at the top of your account page.

Chase Account Top

Then click the Show/Hide Accounts link.

Chase Customer Service Tab

All you have to do is select the Yes bubble and click the Submit Changes button.

Chase Show Hide Accounts

All done, your hidden credit card account will no longer show up when you log into your Chase account.

Chase United Card Hidden

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

P.S. Has anyone loaded their Go Bank Debit Card at Walmart lately?  I did 3 $500 loads this morning and the amounts are showing up at pending, while all of my other reloads posted instantly.  I will follow up with you on this issue in a few days…

Go Bank Pending vs Reload Swipe

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12 thoughts on “I Closed my AMEX Gold Delta SkyMiles and Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Cards Today

  1. Shan

    Grant: I do have the same problem with Delta sky miles, It’s not adding that much value, Also Delta sky miles is earning 2 miles for any dollar spent on CVS? , With that said, is there any reason why u are not going for that???. Also what did you with your existing miles that you have on the card?

    1. Grant

      Your Delta credit card earns 2 miles per dollar at CVS? Are you sure? I have about 5,000 Delta SkyMiles in my account. They don’t disappear if you close the Delta credit card, as long as you have account activity every year or so.

  2. jiffy

    The GoBank Credit pending is typical for me after WM loads – happens every time, have never had an issue with the credit clearing in a few days.

    1. Grant

      You’re welcome. I have closed several Chase cards over the years, but I don’t see the old/closed accounts. I think Chase automatically removes them from your online account after some time.

    1. Grant

      Sometimes that happens, it’s hard to tell with the accent whether they say misses or mister. Sometimes I have a less than manly voice, so I’m used to it by now.

  3. neworleans flyer

    I am planning on closing my Delta AMEX Skymiles Platinum card – mostly due to the annual fee increase and the inability to use Skmiles for any trips. Problem is that I’ve had my card for over 10 years and don’t want it to cause a dent in my credit line. If I sign up for another AMEX card and transfer the credit limit over, do you think my credit history for the Plat card will ‘carry over’ to the new AMEX?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Jae

      Yes. I did this. I had an Amex green card for 14 years. This year I opened the Everyday card and then closed the green card and retained my 14 year history.

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