Random News: Hyatt Hawaiian Timeshare Deal, Targeted US Airways 20% Bonus, and a New Serve Card Verification Process

Hyatt Card

Random News: Hyatt Hawaiian Timeshare Deal, Targeted US Airways 20% Bonus, and a New Serve Card Verification Process

Good evening everyone, another late night post just for you.

The targeted emails and letters in the mail continue to come in.  This time, I received a very interesting email from Hyatt regarding a Hyatt timeshare presentation in Maui, Hawaii.  For $299, you can stay 6 days and 5 nights at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa on Ka’Anapali Beach.  If that wasn’t good enough, you will also get 10,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points (worth at least $150 in my book).

Hyatt HA Timeshare Letter

The small print (really small print, click image to enlarge) says you must be at least 27 years old (darn) and have a household income of $125,000 or more (darn again).  If you meet both of those requirements, you could try calling.  You are supposed to have a Priority Reservation Number (blacked out in upper right corner), but maybe you can talk your way into the sales presentations.  I did a Hilton timeshare presentation last year at the Hilton Elara in Las Vegas (post 1 and post 2).

Hyatt HA Timeshare Letter Terms

I also received a postcard from Barclays for my dad’s US Airways credit card.  From now through August 31, you can get 20% bonus miles on all purchases capped at 10,000 bonus US Airways miles.  If my math is correct, that comes out to $50,000 in spend x 20% bonus = 10,000 US Airways miles.

US Airways Bonus Promo 20

This morning I added my Citi American Airlines Executive credit card to my Serve Card.  As expected, I had to call in to verify the card details.  This time, instead of staying on hold as Serve calls Citi and waits on hold to verify my name and address of the new credit card funding source, they sent me the following email.  They wanted a front scan of my ID (drivers license) and the front scan of my credit card (Citi AA Exec credit card).  I clicked the link in the email and went to Serve’s secure upload website.

Serve Email Regarding Irregular Activity

From here, I uploaded a copy of my Serve Card, drivers license, and Citi AA Exec credit card.

Serve Secure File Upload

Everyone laugh at my vertical drivers license.  I got this a week before I turned 21 and haven’t gotten a horizontal replacement yet.

Grant Thomas Serve Verification

After I uploaded the file, I called Serve.

Serve Verification Screen

After a few minutes on hold, the rep told me that she was able to verify the credit card and unfreeze my Serve Card.

Serve Email Account Restored

To verify myself, I did a $200 online credit card load.  That went through just fine.

Serve Email Citi AA Exec Card Processed

And also did a $200 online debit card load with my PayPal Business Debit Card and that went through fine as well.

Serve Email PayPal Debit Card Processed

Similarly, my mom signed up for a Serve Card a few days ago but they were unable to verify some piece of information.  After calling them, they needed to verify my mom’s identity and requested a scan of her driver’s license or passport.  I went through the same process, uploaded her passport, had her call Serve back, and was approved after a few minutes on the phone.  I’m glad Serve updated their verification process.  I have had to stay on the phone 20+ minutes to verify a credit card and my PayPal Business Debit Card in the past, so this is definitely a time saver.

Serve Verify ID Email

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

21 thoughts on “Random News: Hyatt Hawaiian Timeshare Deal, Targeted US Airways 20% Bonus, and a New Serve Card Verification Process

  1. Nathan

    It gets so confusing anymore. Sorry Grant… can you give me an idea of the pre-paid Debit/Gift cards that work best with Serve? Thanks G!

    1. Grant

      Gift Cards issued by US Bank and Metabank work. Gift Cards issued by Vanilla (ice cream cone on packaging) do not work anymore.

  2. Pun

    I haven’t linked my bluebird yet to a checking account, it gives me options to link with either bank account or debit cards.. I’m just curious if is possible to use OV to link as a debit card?? It does say you can load only $200 from debit card.. Any thoughts?

    1. Grant

      You can’t load a gift card to Bluebird. They will freeze your account and try to verify that the gift card has your name on it and it will be a problem. I would use a regular bank account or you can link it to your PayPal account or a brokerage account.

      1. Pun

        Grant, I respect you and Daraius who take time to answer the questions of your readers. You will go very far with this blog, keep it up! Thanks!!

  3. choi

    are you taking up on the Hyatt time share offer ?the code is good for one sign-up only, so if you are not using it, send it your family or friends. I got the same offer and booked for this august.

    1. Grant

      None of my friends/family qualify for the offer and are planning on going to Hawaii. If you have a friend or family who could use it, I can email you the code.

      1. Julie

        Hi Grant,
        If still available, I would LOVE the offer code for the Hyatt Residence Club in Maui. Even if it has expired, there is a chance that there still may be availability. I want to send my parents there to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary but I can’t afford their regular room rates.

        Thanks so much for your consideration!

        Julie Gealer

        1. Grant

          Good morning Julie, I think I threw the offer letter away a few weeks ago. Maybe somebody else can send you an email with an offer code. If I get another offer code in the mail, I will send it to you right away. Have a great day.

          1. Julie Gealer

            Hi Grant
            Thanks so much for your reply. If anyone has a priority reservation code for the Hyatt Maui Residence Club offer that they are not planning on using, I would love it!

    1. Grant

      It’s been a few months, do I don’t remember the exact amount of time. I believe I closed my Bluebird Card and applied for Serve right after that. The application was pending, so I gave them a call. They were able to resolve the issue and approved me for the Serve Card. Not sure that would work now though.

      1. racerboy80

        This was the post where you sent in your Driver’s license and the copy of your new credit card to add funds.

        I just did the same thing and was wondering how long it took to get the email giving you the go ahead to use the new credit card to add funds.

  4. Hehmma Roydes

    How do you fund your PayPal Business? MyCash, then to Serve? I recently obtained a PP Biz Debit, but everything I read says be careful w/ PayPal. Any suggestions how to Fund & Unload PP Biz Debit? Thanks Grant!

    1. Grant

      Yes, just buy PayPal My Cash Cards and load them to your PayPal account. Then add your PayPal Business Debit Card to your Serve account as a debit card and load $200 per day for 5 days. You earn cash back on this process, which means that Serve is running these cards as credit transactions and paying the credit card fees. Since PayPal makes money on the swipe fee, they give you a portion as cash back. PayPal will not shut you down because they make money off your transactions. If you were to withdraw the $500 to your bank account after loading a PayPal My Cash Card, PayPal would not make any money and might shut you down after a while.


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