Chase Ink Bold and Plus Business Credit Cards now being Issued with Chip and Signature (Pics)

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Chase Ink Bold and Plus Business Credit Cards now being Issued with Chip and Signature (Pics)

I was planning on talking about how much fun I had at my OC Meetup and San Diego Meetup over the weekend, but decided this might be more relevant.

Long story short, I added my mom and dad as authorized users on my Chase Ink Bold Visa Business Credit Card over the weekend and received the authorized user credit cards this afternoon.  Thank you Chase for the UPS Next Day shipment :)

To my surprise, the new authorized user credit cards have a shiny new Chip on the front and a redesigned card layout.  The top card is my old Chase Ink Bold credit card and the bottom two are my parents’ new Chase Ink Bold credit cards.

Ink Bold Chip Front

Back view:

Ink Bold Chip Back

I spoke with a Chase business banker for a few minutes about the new card and she said they are slowly rolling out the new cards across their current Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus credit cardholders.  I asked if I could request a new Chase Ink Bold with the Chip (seeing that my authorized user credit cards should be not better than the account owner’s credit card).  She told me that I could request the new card but she could not promise that they would send it out.  She told me that I would most likely have to wait until the system automatically sends out a replacement card.

So that’s that.  You can try calling or sending a secure message to request a new card, but there is no guarantee that they will issue you a new card right away.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

11 thoughts on “Chase Ink Bold and Plus Business Credit Cards now being Issued with Chip and Signature (Pics)

  1. mspender

    This is good to see.

    I just applied in a branch for the chase ink plus and got the dreaded “7 to 10 business days” decision response. Which, could mean anything but I am a little concerned. Any tips for the reconsideration line?

    1. Grant

      Just tell the truth and be confident on the phone. If you have other Chase personal credit cards, stress how much you like using them, the perks you like most, and mention how great the customer service is, both online, on the phone, and at your local branch. If you have chase bank accounts or a mortgage, bring that up too. Just make it sound authentic and build a relationship with the rep and repeat their name a few times. Is that too much to remember? Good luck!

      1. John B

        Tell them that you will be traveling to Europe within the next few weeks and that you need a card with a chip in it. Let them know that you don’t have an exact travel date yet but you will call back when you, but you would like the card now. It works for me every time.

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