Is Apple Pay the Future of Credit Card Use and MS?

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Is Apple Pay the Future of Credit Card Use and MS?

Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a great day so far.  I think Apple Pay is the coolest thing since sliced bread Bluebird/Serve and will revolutionize the payment/shopping experience.  Please take a look at the short YouTube video below for a demo of how quick and easy Apple Pay is.  Learn more about Apple Pay here.

Here is the list of participating banks (where is American Express?) and banks that are coming sooner (hurry up Barclays and US Bank!).

Apple Pay Credit Card Companies

Here are some of the merchants/stores that will support Apple Pay (I have my eye on Staples and Walgreens for various office supply and shampoo needs).

Apple Pay Merchants

Here are some of the app that will work with Apple Pay (many more to come, I’m sure).

Apple Pay Apps

I believe showing your drivers license will no longer be necessary when shopping at Apple Pay merchants.  Since my credit card and fingerprint match, I’m probably using my own card, not a stolen credit card.  I am just waiting to hear this for the first time: “Sorry sir, you cannot use Apple Pay to pay for your PayPal My Cash Card.”  But, but, but I was here yesterday and used my Apple Pay to buy a PayPal My Cash Card.  Then I will put my iPhone 6 next to the NFC reader and ding, ding.  Payment accepted!  Apple Pay 1, clueless cashier 0.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Is Apple Pay the Future of Credit Card Use and MS?

  1. lovemytechy

    I dont see how apple pay would make a difference in MS..
    what am I missing here?
    the stores that don’t accept credit card for gift cards probably won’t accept anything but cash or real debit

  2. Mike

    At the point you no longer need to bring your c cards with you, then it will be game changing. As long as you still have to leave the house with your c cards, then you’ll only have a modestly and infrequently changed experience. I’ll bet it takes 10 years to turn over.

  3. Alex

    Grant did you preorder????
    I got in right at midnight for a black 64gb 6plus. So stoked!!! (Just bought a case thru your affiliate link lol)

    1. Grant

      I bought my dad an iPhone 6 Plus 16gb gold at 12:30am. Then I went to bed and bought myself an iPhone 6 64gb space gray in the morning. I need to look into the iPhone cases myself, thanks for the reminder. What kind of case did you get?


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