Amtrak Coast Starlight Trip – Part 3: Bedrooms and Roomettes

Sheldon Cooper Train

Amtrak Coast Starlight Trip – Part 3: Bedrooms and Roomettes

If you love pictures from inside trains, then this post is for you.  Today marks my first Amtrak ride and my first blog post from a train (thank you Wifi!).  Here are some pictures of the Amtrak Bedroom.  “Spacious” couch with views outside the window,

Bedroom Bed

Chair on the opposite side of the cabin.  Behind the chair, is a doorway to connect the adjacent bedroom, ideal for families.

Bedroom Chair

Not much room after suitcases and bags are in the bedroom.

Bedroom Suitcases

In cabin sink, similar to an airplane bathroom.

Bedroom Sink

In cabin restroom.

Bedroom Restroom Door

In cabin shower.  I plan on taking a shower tonight.  If you have a shower in your room, you have to take a shower in your room.  It is like flying first class on Emirates and not taking a shower.  It is a must!

Bedroom Shower

Plastic cover to keep the toilet paper dry when using the shower.  Ingenious!

Bedroom Toiletpaper

in cabin toilet, just like on an airplane.  Nice loud woosh sound when flushed.

Bedroom Toilet

Hallways leading through the sleeping cars.  From inside the room, you can see outside both sides of the train.

Bedroom Hallway 2 Bedroom Hallway 1

In contrast, here is what the roomette looks like.  2 chairs facing each other which will fold into 2 beds.

Roommette Left Roomette Left Roomette Central

I also have pictures from the Portland Amtrak station (inside the “lounge” and in the front of the train station).  I will share my food pictures and scenic views later on.  Until then, this is what I have seen most of the way from Seattle to Portland.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

28 thoughts on “Amtrak Coast Starlight Trip – Part 3: Bedrooms and Roomettes

    1. Grant

      Thank you Laura, I would post more pics if my internet was faster. Its almost dinner time here, so I got to put my laptop away and get ready for dinner. Thanks for reading :)

  1. steve J

    Looks like a fun and different experience. I’m actually a freight train conductor myself but have only been on one short 2 hour Amtrak ride. I would be hitting up that bar car.

    1. Grant

      Nice, the Amtrak trains look pretty nice compared to the freight trains. Are there sleeping quarters on your train? The bar is nice. They had wine tasting a few minutes ago. $7.50 for 3 glasses of Oregon wine. Dinner time soon.

        1. Grant

          That doesn’t sound like a very comfortable sleeping accommodations. They used to have free wine tasting, but I guess that is no longer an option.

  2. Ben L

    When you’re back can you give a more detailed overview of 1) the size of the roomette (I’m having a hard time picturing how those two chairs fold down into a bed for 2 people and 2) the shower (do you sit on the toilet?). Thanks!

    1. Grant

      You read my mind Ben. I’m thinking of writing Amtrak Showers, Bedrooms and Roomettes at Night with pics of the beds in their lie-flat position. Stay tuned…

  3. pointswithacrew

    That was what I was going to suggest as well – definitely interested in how those chairs fold into beds

  4. travelbloggerbuzz

    People, listen up! Avoid the roomette! This is a PSA,thank you!

    Hey, the Etihades shower reference cracked me up.

    I am surprised you have wifi, just wait until you get in the mountains…forgedaboutit

    1. Grant

      I thought the bedrooms were small until I walked by the roomettes. Wifi has been pretty good for a majority of the ride. Traveling through the big cities also has good AT&T service, so I switch to that if I need to do any intense download or uploading of pictures. I’m somewhere in northern CA now.

  5. gary

    I rode Amtrak from Vancouver to Seattle this summer. You can’t be in a hurry if you choose this mode of transportation. But the price is right.

  6. Kevin

    Awesome Grant! I love Amtrak, and used to ride on their Adirondack train during autumn from NYC to Montreal to see the fall colors. It is an amazing trip, especially when they have their vintage glass domed car hooked up to the train. You should consider that route for next year. Keep the posts coming…

  7. Seabird

    Hi Grant,

    Do you know whether Amtrak allow 4 adults in 1 bedroom or is it only for 2 adults and 2 childrens? I’m not worry too much about space in the room, just want to maximize points.

    1. Grant

      Technically it is possible. The top bunk is 6×2 and the bottom bunk is 6×3. It’s tight but you could make it work. If you had enough points, I would either get a family bedroom or 2 bedrooms that adjoin. See my upcoming post for pics of the beds.

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