AMEX Offers: Petco Gift Cards, FedEx Office Shipping Supplies, $1,000 Cash Back from Duxiana, and New Reebok Shoes

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AMEX Offers: Petco Gift Cards, FedEx Office Shipping Supplies, $1,000 Cash Back from Duxiana, and New Reebok Shoes

This is a follow-up post to Complete List of New AMEX Offers: FedEx Office, Sony, Petco, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hotels, a Disturbing 2x Membership Reward Trend, and even more Offers.  I had some free time today, so I did some research regarding the latest AMEX Offers.  There is currently an AMEX Offer for  Spend $10 or more online and get a $5 statement credit.

PetCo AMEX Offer

I’m a dummy and forgot to go through an online shopping portal, but Cash Back Monitor has plenty to chose from (I would use Shop Discover, Alaska Airline’s Mall, or Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall).  Don’t make the same mistake I did, use a shopping portal!

Petco Shopping Portals

Conveniently, sells $10 gift cards (link). also sells egift cards, but I did not test those.

$10 Petco Gift Card offers free standard shipping (3-6 business days) along with free next day shipping (1 business day).  I am not sure if this is a glitch in the pricing or a promo, but I’m sure it won’t last for long.

Free Next Day Shipping Petco

Shortly after placing my order online, I received the confirmation email from American Express.

Petco AMEX Offer Confirmation Email

There is currently an AMEX Offer for FedEx Office (FedEx shipments and office supply store).  Spend $10 or more in-store or online and get a $5 statement credit.  Find your local FedEx Office store here.

FedEx Office AMEX Offer

The FedEx Office store I went to was relatively large, so I took some pictures of the items they had for sale.  Most of the items are probably sold at office supply stores (sorry, no gift cards).  They have stationary paper, folders, binders, padded mailers, bubble wrap, shipping tape, pens, pencils, paper, white out, and a lot more.

FedEx Office Store 1 FedEx Office Store 2 FedEx Office Store 3There were some business-oriented books, electronics, USB drives, and greeting cards.

FedEx Office Store 4FedEx Office Store 5FedEx Office Store 6

If you send out Christmas cards or photos, you might be able to take care of the printing from the Sony Play Picture Station.

FedEx Office Store 7

You can also purchase individual shipping/mailing boxes.  If you need more than a 10 boxes of a particular size, I would recommend ordering from (wholesale box distributor).

FedEx Office Store 8

Since there wasn’t anything I needed in the store, I decided to buy some shipping tape.  Since I sell on Ebay and Amazon, I can never have too much tape.  (Mom and Dad, please don’t buy me more tape for my birthday, thank you!)

FedEx Office Store Tape Purchase

Shortly after checking out, I received the confirmation email from American Express.

FedEx Office AMEX Offer Confirmation Email

In other AMEX Offer news, I’m not sure what Duxiana is, it’s probably a high end jewelry store or boutique clothing retailer or something.  Regardless, I’m not spending $5,000 there ever any time soon…

Duxiana AMEX Offer

Time for new shoes?  Shop for a $25 statement credit after a $100 order.

Reebok AMEX Offer

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening!

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10 thoughts on “AMEX Offers: Petco Gift Cards, FedEx Office Shipping Supplies, $1,000 Cash Back from Duxiana, and New Reebok Shoes

    1. Grant

      I figured. Most egift cards are processed by a third party and often do not show up as purchases made at that retailer’s site. Thanks for sharing Paul.

        1. Grant

          I am 0% sure Ebates or Shop Discover will earn cash back for gift card purchases. I would not count on earning cash back, I just like to be pleasantly surprised. If you do not use Ebates or Shop Discover (or any other online shopping portal), you have a 100% chance of not earning any cash back. What do you have to lose?

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  3. Lynda

    FYI, I believe Duxiana sells very high end beds of their own design and manufacture is high and linens for their beds.


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