AMEX Offer Office Depot / Office Max Update, Free $5 Amazon Gift Card, and other Chime Card Offers


AMEX Offer Office Depot / Office Max Update, Free $5 Amazon Gift Card, and other Chime Card Offers

Good evening everyone, earlier this morning I posted the AMEX Offer for Office Depot / Office Max (link) where you would receive a $10 statement credit for a purchase of $50 or more on your enrolled AMEX card.

Office Depot Office Max AMEX Offer

Shortly after creating that post, I drove over to my local Office Depot store and bought 2 $200 Visa Gift Cards (you can only buy the fixed value cards at Office Depot, not the variable load cards that say $20-$500 in the corner).  I kindly asked the cashier if she should split the payment into multiple $50 payments and she agreed.  Splitting the payment was really easy, all you do is swipe your AMEX card, tell the cashier how much you want to charge (they will need to change the amount from the default full amount to $50), sign your name on the credit card reader, and repeat until all your AMEX cards have been used.  Immediately after every purchase, my iPhone received the AMEX alert and email confirmation.

Office Depot GCs and Receipt

I also received a few of these confirmation emails from American Express.  The math is pretty simple, I bought $400 worth of Visa Gift Cards for $413.90 – $60 in statement credits = $353.90.  I didn’t use my Chase Ink Bold/Plus Card, so I earned 1x on my AMEX Platinum, AMEX PRG, AMEX SPG, AMEX Everyday, AMEX BCP, and Old AMEX Blue (some cards are authorized user cards).  Not bad for a few minutes of work.

AMEX Offer Office Depot Confirmation

In other news, Chime card just gave me a free $5 Amazon egift card.  Kind of, but not really.  If you have a Chime Card, you should have this offer in your Chime Card account for $5 off your Amazon purchase, no minimum purchase necessary.  If you do not have a Chime Card, read this post.

Chime Card Amazon Offer

Shortly after using my Chime Card to buy a $5 Amazon egift card, I logged into my Chime Card account to see the transaction.  I spent $5 and instantly received $5 cash back from Chime, pretty cool.  If you plan on purchasing an Amazon egift card, please click this Amazon affiliate link which will take you right to the gift card page.  Thank you.

Free $5 Amazon GC from Chime Card

CVS also has a decent offer for $5 cash back after making a $50 purchase.  This cash back will cover the cost of my next PayPal My Cash Card (load your Chime Card with exactly $50, swipe that card first, get the $5 cash back, and then use whatever other credit card you want).

Chime Card CVS Offer

Here is the full list of Chime Card offers as of November 17, 2014.  The $2 free McDonald’s offer is pretty good, along with the Kohl’s and Lowe’s cash back offers.

Chime Offers 11-17-2014 A Chime Offers 11-17-2014 B

In other news, I am oh so close to re-qualifying for my Southwest Airlines Companion Pass for 2015.  Only 249 Southwest Airlines miles to go…

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Account Balance 11-17-2014

Something happened between Southwest Airlines and E-Rewards, since E-Rewards points did not count toward the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass.  I got burned, I should have made it by 1 mile.  Oh well, I have 1.5 months to get that fixed, no problem.

Southwest Airlines Account Balance 11-17-2014

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening!

P.S. Here is a great post from Doctor of Credit for a free $10 Visa Gift Card for signing up with Visa Checkout using a Bank of America credit or debit card.

BofA Visa Checkout

38 thoughts on “AMEX Offer Office Depot / Office Max Update, Free $5 Amazon Gift Card, and other Chime Card Offers

  1. JustSaying

    Very smart way to do the Office Depot run…….a big reduction in the fees to still get the full statement credits……..sounds like you inside Frequent Miler’s brain on that one……..

    1. Grant

      I was hoping I could do 2 $100 splits per $200 VGC, but she seemed friendly enough, so I went for the $50 splits. She didn’t mind, we chatted and had a few laughs. At the end of the transaction, I told her why I was doing this and she seemed impressed :)

    1. Grant

      Yes, there are 2 Hyatt to SWA transfers combined into 1. 50,000 Hyatt = 30,000 SWA miles that count toward CP. The last 6,000 were forgotten by Hyatt, so I had to call them and they sent those over. Too bad the E-Rewards didn’t count, it would have been pretty cool to have exactly 1 extra mile for CP.

  2. Linda

    I did the same thing yesterday! Only bought one card from OD and told the cashier I wanted to split my payment – $50 on AMEX and the remainder on my Chase card. Felt slightly bad because there was a line behind me. Didn’t even think about doing more than one AMEX card but there is always today!

    1. Grant

      If he use a gift card, or a prepaid debit card like the Chime Card, the point of sale machine will drain the balance off that card, and then you can pay the rest with a different credit card. You don’t have to tell the cashier what amount to charge, it will just take the entire bounce off the card.

  3. Kat

    Grant: my local OD absolutely refuses to accept credit cards for Visa GC purchases. Is this a new policy with the non-variable load GC’s??

  4. whitney

    Grant did you use multiple tabs trick to add the Office Depot offer to all of your Amex cards? I did and even though at the time it told me that it applied to both cards it doesn’t appear to have and I read on another blog that other people ran into this problem as well. do you know of another way?

    1. JustSaying

      I was successful on 6 out of 7 and one thing I have noticed about the multiple browser trick…….You open “all” of the cards assigned to that login and then you open all of the offers you want…….after all are open you click SAVE to card THEN you MINIMIZE that screen…DO NOT CLOSE THAT SCREEN as that will sometimes remove your ability to SAVE all the other screeens…….of the last screen then you X out and when you open each card back up the offer should be saved……….The one I didn’t get just was never offered from the gitgo so I have no clue why but hey 6 of the cards had it so I’m happy to take those………..hope this helps…….

    2. Grant

      Hmm, I open all my AMEX cards in a new tab. Then I navigate each card to the AMEX Offers page so I can see all offers. Do that first for all your cards. Then go tab by tab and add the same offer to each card. That’s what I do and it has always worked for me.

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