Access Centurion Lounges without your American Express Platinum Card

AMEX Centurion Lounge

Access Centurion Lounges without your American Express Platinum Card

Greetings from the American Express Centurion Lounge in San Francisco.  I couldn’t think of a better place to hang out until my evening flight down to Orange County.  In my hurried packing this morning, I forgot to grab my American Express Platinum Card (and any other travel credit card or lounge card).  I was freaking out because I was going to get to SFO 2-3 hours before my flight and I didn’t want to hangout by the gate.

I was tempted to grab the BART back to Walnut Creek and walk home to get the card, but I was hoping there was a better solution.  I have an American Express phone number saved to my phone (I don’t remember which credit card it is for), so I called the number and pressed 0 a few times until I got a helpful representative on the phone.  I told him my problem and he was able to find my account by using my SSN.  He said that the American Express Platinum Line (800-525-3355) would be able to answer my question.

He transferred me and I told the second gentleman my problem.  He knew just what to do.  He told me to go to the Centurion Lounge and tell the front desk that I forgot my American Express Platinum Card.  They would be able to call a special number to verify my American Express Platinum Card membership and allow me to enter the Centurion Lounge.  

I trusted his suggestion and made my way to SFO by BART (much shorter ride then back to Walnut Creek and to SFO).  I walked to the Centurion Lounge, located in Terminal 3, by gates 74 and 75.  I walked upstairs to the front desk and told them I had left my American Express Platinum Card at home.  The gentleman behind the desk asked for my ID and last 4 digits of my SSN.  After a few moments, he was able to verify my American Express Platinum Card and I was on my way to free food, drinks, and WiFi :)

I personally like the Dallas Centurion Lounge (better food and slightly larger), but I have never had a bad experience at any Centurion Lounges.  Here is a pro tip: when you get a drink from the bar (ginger ale in my case), I always ask for 2.

AMEX Centurion Lounge SFO Food

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Travel with Grant!

P.S. My Chase credit card family Christmas card post is a bit late, I promise I will get to it.  It should be a slightly funny story.  Click image to enlarge to see my Paint and Photoshop skills.

Chase Credit Card Family Christmas Photo

25 thoughts on “Access Centurion Lounges without your American Express Platinum Card

    1. Grant

      The drinks are usually small, so I end up having 2 drinks. I think it is easier/faster to ask for 2 drinks at the same time, rather than go back again to ask for another drink.

    1. Grant

      Haha, I actually have 10 cards, I forgot to add my Chase United Airlines MilagePlus Credit Card, oops, back to the drawing board.

      As for 2 SWA cards, I got them for the 50,000 mile bonuses, but I got them in separate years. I was able to get a pretty good retention bonus on my SWA Premier Credit Card. Normally you get 6,000 SWA points for paying the $95 annual fee. I asked for a retention bonus and got 3,000 bonus SWA miles. I barely use these cards except for paying SWA taxes on award flights :)

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  2. alex

    Thanks for the timely post grant … my fam and I are heading to LAX tomorrow for a flight. My parents (auth users) on my Amex Plat lost their Priority pass cards (Doh!!)
    Hoping that bringing the Amex Plat card will suffice. It’ll be the “Kal Lounge” in international terminal ……

      1. Alex

        Greetings grant ! Just an FYI it worked but I called amex to get the priority pass card #’s and expiration dates. Btw kal lounge was kinda blah but maybe Bc Tom Bradley international is so damn nice now……
        Happy new year man!!

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  4. CB

    Hi. Thanks for writing this up! My family is traveling tomorrow and I added my sister as an AU on my Amex Plat just for this perk. However, the card won’t arrive in time. I’m hoping that she will be able go through the same steps as you so that they can eat/drink during the layovers.

    1. Grant

      I believe AUs do get access to Centurion Lounges since you have to pay the $175 fee to add AUs to your account. I hope it works out for your sister.

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