My Confession: Hooray for the Bidet

A few months ago, Jason over at Fly&Dine, wrote an article about bidets. He got hooked after a recent trip to Asia. He called his post “In Defense of the Bidet”, but I’m calling mine, “Hooray for the Bidet”. Now, I clearly know that there are three responses, three different groups, if you will, of you reading this. The first group is already clicking away because maybe you have no idea how a bidet works and why I’d say hooray. But I encourage you to keep reading because maybe I’ll get you to change your mind. The second group is intrigued by the idea of using a bidet and has maybe used one and wants to know why in the span of a few months TWO Boarding Area bloggers are writing about bidets! The third group is already thinking of their reply to this post, because, like me, the words Hooray and Bidet are a natural fit. Bidet users are nothing less than overly enthusiastic about their love affair with bidets. We say things like, “bidets changed my life.” After all, we miles and points folks are generally more open to trying new things, are we not?

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I still don’t understand why we don’t have bidets in the states and why hardly anyone I know has one in their home. My friends who have and use bidets are either European or were born in Asia. Even in the oldest building in Rome, for instance, a building that still doesn’t have an elevator will have a bidet in its rental units. I experienced this many years ago in Rome. One of the best bidets I ever used was actually at a golf course in Hawaii. I can’t vouch for the men’s room but in the women’s locker room, there was a very fancy bidet. If you were having a rough front nine that was a good place to go hang out in for a while! Hotels in South America have them, too. The Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires had a great basic one that was super easy to use.

The bidet Wikipedia page is useful, and of course, there’s plenty of information online as to how to use a bidet. They are hygienic and effective, and you’ll be hooked as soon as you get used to using one. I’ll say this, America seems to be hooked on those wipes that are in EVERYONE’S bathroom these days. However, using a bidet is much, much better for the environment.

Jason’s post is hilarious, as he discusses the symbols used in Japan to explain how to use a bidet. Jason is trying his best to become America’s foremost bidet advocate, but I think advocates should come in both genders, so I’m joining forces with him.

Like Jason, I have a bidet I love and recommend. Great name too! Mrs. Bidet is easy to install and use and much less expensive than many of the other models. If you want to go for the best and can spare no expense, this bidet is highly recommended by some friends of mine.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming but for today… are you able to say hooray for the bidet? Let me know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “My Confession: Hooray for the Bidet

  1. Jason

    The more bidet love, the better! I’m honored to be a part of your bidet advocacy, Shelli. If anybody’s looking for a different type of bidet (one that installs directly onto your toilet seat at home), I love this one:

    1. shelli

      Thanks for giving me yet another good laugh, Jason! BA (bidet advocacy) from B.A. Great way to start they day! Hope lots of folks check out your recommendation :)

  2. James Howlett

    Is that a bidet? (The picture)

    I thought it was sink for washing feet? I mean, wouldn’t it been awkward moving from toilet to that place beside just to wash yourself?

    1. shelli

      HI James. Good question. It may seem awkward at first, but that’s how using a bidet is traditionally done. Next time you’re in a hotel room with a bidet, give it a try and see what you think. It’s not for everyone, but you don’t know until you try.

  3. MSer

    Cold water shot up your backside may be hygenic, but it sure isn’t comfortable. Toto makes best toilets and bidets. Warm water is a must.

    The best wipes I’ve found – that are strong enough, yet able to break apart after flushing, are Equate Flushable Wipes sold at Walmart and elsewhere.

  4. Conway

    So in much of Asia those devices are referred to as “Muslim Showers” and if you search on “Muslim Shower” on Amazon you will see a whole range of products. It was my understanding that a bidet is a stand alone unit that you sit one that washes your rear end, like the one you have a picture of. Most American bathrooms don’t have those and don’t have space/plumbing to install one. However the hose/nozzle/”Muslim Shower” types devices are designed to easily retrofit to American toilets. There are even fancy ones that will connect to the cold water feet to the toilet AND to the hot water feed of the (nearby) sink to avoid the whole “cold water shock” problem….

    1. shelli

      Interesting info, Conway, thanks. The bidet device that I showed is a good one for Americans, especially if you don’t want to invest a lot of money before you see if you like it and you’ll use it.

  5. Maria

    “My friends who have and use bidets are either European or were born in Asia.” -Shell

    But, aren’t you European? Certainly not Asian…

  6. Tim

    Installed a Toto last year after falling in love with the systems in Japan. Totally hooked. Still not sure about the blow dry facility but the warm water wash is delightful.


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