Malta Trip Report Part 2: Kayak to Comino’s Blue Lagoon & ATV / Quad Tour Around Gozo

Good morning everyone.  I hope you enjoyed my post from yesterday, Malta Trip Report Part 1: Walking Through Valletta and Attending Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul.  In today’s post, I will share some photos of my Kayak Gozo tour from Gozo to Comino to see the Blue Lagoon and from the Gozo Pride ATV tour around the island.  Kayak Gozo offers 3 different tours (half day morning, half day afternoon, and full day).  We decided to do the half day morning, called the “Rise and Shine” tour, and the cost was 38 Euros per person.  Laura and I had a double kayak, she was in the front and I was in the back.  After getting the handle of paddling, we went inside a little cove and then made the journey across the channel to the Blue Lagoon, near Comino.

During the tour, we went under some shallow arches and through narrow passageways.  We had a great time and got a great workout during the 3-4 hour tour.

All the photos of the kayak tour came from our guide, Chris.  When we got back to our hotel, we received the following email from the Kayak Gozo team:

Hi Laura and Grant

I had a great time out on the water with you! I hope you enjoyed it and that your arms aren’t too sore today!

Here’s the link to your group’s pictures (download link). I hope they remind you of your kayak adventure in Gozo. The link is valid for one week, so if you are not able to download the pictures in time, just send an email when you are able to download them and we’ll send you a new link.

Thanks again for booking with us and we hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

All the best,

Chris, Kristie and the Kayak Gozo Team

Such great service and I would definitely recommend Kayak Gozo if you are up for a kayak tour from Gozo to Comino.

On a different day, we returned to Gozo for the Gozo Pride ATV Tour.  The Trip Advisor reviews were great and we enjoyed the 6-7 hour ATV ride around Gozo.  We visited the salt pools near the water where locals dry out salt water and harvest salt.

We then stopped by the cliffs and took in the beautiful blue water views.

We went to a gift shop, a sandy beach, 2 churches, and many other places along the tour.

Laura and I shared an ATV (I drove the entire time) and the cost was 150 Euros total.  You can also rent ATVs and go on your own, but we wanted to do the tour.  If you are up for a full day of ATVing, I definitely recommend the Gozo Pride ATV Tour.  If you have any questions about either tour, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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