A few Square Cash and PayPal Debit Card Updates

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A few Square Cash and PayPal Debit Card Updates

Some updates:

  • I charged $1,171 on my PayPal Debit Card in October.
  • I earn 1.5% cash back on all non-PIN transactions.
  • 1.5% of $1,171 = $17.57 cash back in October.

PayPal $17.51

Walmart reloads do not earn cash back because they are PIN-based transactions.

PayPal Debit Card PIN WM PayPal Debit Card PIN WM Details

More PayPal Debit Card news:

  • Previously, I was able to use my PayPal Debit Card to load my Bluebird Card online.
  • Lately I have been having trouble using my PayPal Debit Card to load my Bluebird Card online, I will see if this is a temporary issue or if Bluebird is blocking PayPal Debit Cards.
  • So far, I have earned cash back on all online Bluebird reloads.
  • During the last few weeks, I was able to use my PayPal debit card with Square cash, but as of yesterday it looks like they blocked PayPal debit cards.
  • I have talked to other bloggers who have tried using Bluebird, Serve, GoBank, and other “debit” cards but it looks like Square Cash has started blocking those cards as well.
  • It looks like the end in near for Square Cash as a points/miles earning tool.

If you have any tips or questions, please leave a comment below.

P.S. in case you didn’t hear, Office Depot and Office Max officially merged yesterday.

OM OD Merger

24 thoughts on “A few Square Cash and PayPal Debit Card Updates

  1. David

    About the PPD card, was this after talking to someone at BB about using this card for loads? I believe BB calls PP and confirms your identity. Since then, I’ve had 3 preset loads go through ok.

  2. Mike U

    I had an issue with my PayPal debit card not working with Bluebird, so called Bluebird and they argued with me for a couple minutes telling me they didn’t allow prepaid cards; I insisted this wasn’t prepaid, and after about a 30 minute wait, I was on a 3-way call with BB and PP. The PP rep confirmed my name and address, then the BB rep apologized and told me I wouldn’t have any future issues using the PP card with BB.

      1. David

        My call was about 8-10 min, and I was on hold, and couldn’t hear the call on BB’s side. My main concern now is that PP may not like this kind of activity. (Last night was Day 3 of a scheduled load.) And the PP D card is new for me.

        1. Grant

          I’ve had the PapD for many many years and have earned more than $550 in cash back over the years. I think PP makes money on the reloads and BB pays the fees.

  3. Brandon

    As long as mile-earning debit cards still exist, Square Cash continues to be useful. I’m concerned that mile-earning debit cards will completely end after the Bank of America Alaska Airlines debit card was discontinued. I’m not too disappointed by Paypal not working online on Bluebird, because you can still take advantage of mile-earning debit cards to load Bluebird online.

    With the Office Max and Office Depot merger, I hope it remains possible to buy $200 Visa gift cards for a 6.95 fee at Office Max.

  4. Jason

    When your use your paypal debit card and the paypal account has zero balance, does it draw from the backup source (credit card), and still earn 1% on using the paypal debit, in addition to the cashback % drawn from the credit card?

          1. Scott

            Technically you could set your Bluebird account to be the bank account that funds your PayPal transactions. Then you could essentially load your Bluebird with your Bluebird, earning 1% on the PayPal Business Debit card along the way.

          2. Grant

            He is saying that you can use your PayPal Business Debit Card to load your Bluebird Card, thus earning 1 (or 1.5%) cash back. Then transfer the funds from Bluebird back to your PayPal account and repeat.

          3. Brandon

            But isn’t it a debit transaction to use your Paypal card to load Bluebird, which doesn’t earn cash back? Last time I checked, you can load Bluebird online using a debit card, but that has a limit of only $1,000 per month. It seems like it’s not possible to do that Paypal and Bluebird trick on a large scale. Or, is there a method other than the Walmart Money Center kiosk to use your Paypal debit card to load Bluebird?

          4. Grant

            You are right. The PayPal Business Debit Card only earns cash back for the online reloads, but that is capped at $1,000 per month. Not sure how you would scale that up though.

  5. Joshua Davis

    Im currently trying to set…something up… I have Bluebird and Paypal (getting the debit card soon) but I have no main bank account and my BB routing info wont link to PP. How do I get around this? I have very low income flow at the moment so fees are something I cant quite afford.


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