The Best Universal Travel Adapter Under $5 and a Funny YouTube Video Review

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No Foreign Plugs

The Best Universal Travel Adapter Under $5

If you travel internationally with electronics, you need to be aware of any voltage differences and the type of plugs used at your international destination.  The US uses the 100 volt standard, while most of Europe uses the 240 volt standard.  In the US, most modern electronics are capable of supporting 100 volts through 240 volts.  My laptop, iPhone, and iPad are all compatible in Europe.  Look at the small print on your battery chargers or power adapters to see what the voltage requirements are (see photo below).  If they look like this photo, all you need is an adapter to plug into European outlets.


But first, a warning…

If your electronics say 100 volts only, then stop reading this post and get a step up/down voltage converter.  I don’t have a voltage converter to recommend, but I think I got mine at Radio Shack a few years ago.  Don’t get a cheap voltage converter, since a cheap one might kill your electronics.

Now back to the best travel adapter under $5…

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