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The Best International All-In-One Travel Adapter

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Updated 7/5/2018 at 7pm: There is an updated version of this travel adapter, so I updated this post.

Good morning everyone.  If you travel internationally with your electronics, you need to remember to bring a travel adapter with you.  Most electronics in the US run on the 100 volt standard, but most new electronics can also run on the 240 volt standard (common in Europe and around the world).  You just need to look at the back of your electronic device near the charger to see if your device can run on the 100 volt and 240 volt standard.  If they look like this photo, all you need is an adapter to plug into European outlets.


This is where the universal all-in-one travel adapter comes in handy.  I have 2 of these devices and they work perfectly.  I can plug my laptop into the front charger, charge my iPhone through the side USB port, and charge my iPad through the other USB port.

a black and white adapter with different plugs

In case you were wondering, here are all the plugs that are included in this universal travel adapter.  When not in use, all the plugs fold in compactly and fit nicely in suitcases or backpacks.

a close-up of a charger

If you have any questions about this universal all-in-one travel adapter, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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11 thoughts on “The Best International All-In-One Travel Adapter

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  2. Simon

    I picked up one of these before a recent trip to Europe; I already a couple of other models + a hodgepodge of bits & pieces. I was very happy with it. Great price too, as you mentioned!

  3. Ed Chandler

    The only problem with adapters like that is that some European wall sockets are recessed too far to make contact. (It happened to me several times in Spain.) Honestly, all of the single-use adapters together (the ones you have crossed out in the image above) take up about as much space and weigh about as much as the universal adapter — and you can leave most of them at home once you know where you’re going.

    So, if you don’t want to have to think about which ones you need, or don’t know, or if you’re going to visit countries with several different sockets, then yeah, … the universal is a good choice. Otherwise, I really prefer the lightweight simplicity of the single-use adapters.

    (Just my $.02)


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