Everything you Need to Know About Shopkick

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Everything you Need to Know About Shopkick

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Shopkick is a loyalty rewards program that rewards users for visiting certain stores, for spending certain amounts in-store, and for scanning in-store items.  You will need a smartphone and the ability to download the Shopkick app to your smartphone.  Shopkick is free to use and you can earn free gift cards by redeeming your Shopkick Kicks (points).  Kicks are earned on top of any other rewards you currently earn, such a credit card rewards or cash back.  Shopkick works by using your smartphone to detect when you enter certain stores.  To learn more about Shopkick, please read these pages:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Happy shopping!

5 thoughts on “Everything you Need to Know About Shopkick

  1. Jayson

    Shopkick is not as good as it was about 2 weeks ago. Now you don’t get kicks except on the activation part of the purchase of the visa. This was mainly all that I used it for. Oh well.


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