1 Year Blogiversary Stats and 2 $25 Amazon eGift Card Winners Announced!

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1 Year Blogiversary Stats and 2 $25 Amazon eGift Card Winners Announced!

First off, I have to give a hat tip to the name Blogiversary to EIG – this might be a first for me, I’ve never hat tip’d a comment before.  Guess what?  We’re making #blogginghistory here!

Blogiversary Comment

Thank you to those of you who voted guessed in my giveaway (link), the correct answer is 195,470 American Airlines miles.  Some of you guessed in the 400K mile range (I wish I had that many miles) and some of you guessed in 25k mile range (I’m insulted you think I have that few AA miles).

AA Account Balance

In first place, a surprisingly close guess (maybe too close…) is Adam.  Congrats Adam!

Adam Guess 196341

In second place is Thuc.  Congrats Thuc!

Thuc Guess 189,000

Please check your email shortly for a $25 Amazon eGift Card code.


Now for a walk down memory lane, thanks to WordPress stats…

The #1 secret to blogging is having great content…

The #2 secret to blogging is having your great content featured by great blogs.

Monthly WP Stats

Gary from View from the Wing featured me in his article How to Use Bluebird in a Post-Vanilla Reload World and How to Make Money While Loading Money onto Bluebird.  If you want to get a spike in traffic, have one of the big blogs link to your website.  Thanks Gary!

VFTW Referrals

Here is a cool chart showing blog traffic since last May.  I certainly have come a long way.  My first month of blogging was so low that I can sometimes beat that traffic in one day.  Now, if this blog was a stock symbol (TWG), I would put all my money in right away.

Month by Month Stats

Here is a chart of the top 20+ links that were clicked on during the last year.  Does anything look familiar to you?

Clicks by Year

This chart shows the top 20+ websites that visitors came from to my site.  Gotta love Google!

Referrals by Year

This chart shows the top 20+ pages or posts that people visited over the past year.  You guys sure loved the Vanilla Reload page!

Top Posts by Year

This last chart shows the top keywords that were used to find my blog from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or a third party search engine.  Lots of traffic from Vanilla Reload and Bluebird.

Search Terms by Year

So that’s it folks.  Thanks for making my 1 year blogiversary so awesome!

P.S. I plan on holding Amazon eGift Card giveaways every month (last day of the month) to thank those of you who use my Amazon Affiliate link for all your Amazon purchases.  Your support and online shopping addiction are greatly appreciated.  Have a great day everyone!

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6 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary Stats and 2 $25 Amazon eGift Card Winners Announced!

  1. Adam

    My psych camp training finally pays off! * thinking of heading to Las Vegas next*
    Thanks Grant!

  2. Thuc

    Thank you, Grant. Your blogs have been a great help to me this past year. You kept it simple and easy to learn how to do things.

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