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Instant Cash Back with the Chime Card Prepaid Reloadable Debit Card

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(Hat Tip to Will @ Doctor of Credit for alerting me about the Chime Card).

This is an interesting card, sort of a hybrid between Plink and AMEX Offers for You.  Let that “sync” in for a little bit.  However, unlike Plink and AMEX Offers for You, you do not need to add the offers to your wallet or save the offers to your account to participate in Chime’s offers.  In addition, you do not get paid in Plink Points, instead, you receive instant cash back right on your Chime Card.  Take a look at these offers (offers available as of 7/8/2014):

Chime Offers 1-2

Chime Offers 3-4 Chime Offers 5-6 Chime Offers 7-8

There are 2 types of offers:

  • Spend $X, Get $Y Back – these offers are very similar to AMEX Offers for You.  Use your Chime Card at select merchants, make a purchase greater than or equal to the spend amount and you will receive instant cash back to your Chime Card.
  • Free $X Store Credit – these are like store gift cards with $X balances.  Use your Chime Card at select merchants and receive an instant discount.  If you have $5 in store credit and make a purchase less than $5, your Chime Card balance will not decrease.  Your store credit is valid until you spend the full amount or the offer expires.  This is like free money.  I like the store credit offers.

A closer look at some offers:

Spend $50 or more at Target and get a $10 cash back bonus to your Chime Card.  $50 Target Gift Card for $40, anyone interested?

Chime Target Offer

Similar offer at Sports Authority, but this time only a $5 cash back bonus after spending $25.  Do you need any pool tools or hiking shoes this summer?

Chime Sports Authority Offer

$2 Subway Gift Card just for visiting Subway.  I’ll take a $5.00 $3.00 foot long please.

Chime Subway Offer

I used my Chime Card at Walmart and received $1.00 back to celebrate my first purchase.  I bought $100 in groceries from Kate and entered my PIN to complete the transaction.

Chime Walmart Purchase

A confirmation email from Chime arrived as well.

Chime $1 Back First Purchase

One more important thing to mention is how you can add funds to your Chime Card.  Currently, you can add funds from a debit card (gift cards do not work), a bank transfer (ACH), or a direct deposit.  Since Chime is a debit card, it has a PIN and can be used at ATMs.

Chime Add Funds

For debit cards, the PayPal Business Debit Card works and you earn cash back from PayPal.  You can only load up to $200 per day with any debit card.

Chime $100 PayPal Debit Card Reload

Sign Up Link (I will receive a $10 statement credit if you sign up and fund your Chime Card with $50 or more).


I greatly appreciate your support if you use my sign up link.  However, please do not share your referral link in the comments, I want to keep the comments section only for genuine questions and comments.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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126 thoughts on “Instant Cash Back with the Chime Card Prepaid Reloadable Debit Card

  1. Ryan Zelaya

    Another question Grant, you mentioned you use your Paypal MC to fund your chime account, how many points do you receive (single, double, etc.)? Thanks for the blog man, its great.

    1. Grant

      Chime recently started charging to use the PayPal Business Debit Card, it’s 3% per load which is not a good deal. I don’t fund my Chime Card with my PPBDC anymore.

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  3. Lauren

    I’ve been reading your posts about Chime deals since finding your blog a couple of months ago. Finally took the time to sign up for the card via your link. Will fund the card as soon as I receive it so that you can get the $10 credit. Thanks so much for posting about this card & all the other great information on your blog too.

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  5. Jimmy

    Hi Grant,

    This chime card looks interesting thanks for the information about it. Question though.. Can you load the card with a pin enabled GC such as One Vanilla/Vanilla Visa/ Staples Visa GC?

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  8. Levette

    Thanks Grant I signed up and funded already you should be getting your $10 referral. I funded the card right away and they gave me $10 extra also. I had no idea I would get it too from reading your blog. Might want to add that in if this is an ongoing bonus.

    1. Grant

      Thank you Levette, I did receive a $10 bonus after you signed up. I will update the terms to let everyone else know that there’s a $10 sign up bonus going on now.

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    1. Grant

      Thank you Alfred, I just noticed the $10 Chime bonus. Thank you for your support. Let me know if you have any questions using your Chime Card. Have a great night!

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  12. aron

    Hi there,
    I have money on my Nationwide Buxx card. Can I load the money onto chime and then transfer the money to my bank or…?

    1. Grant Post author

      I’m not sure, I haven’t used my Chime card in over a year. Sign into your Chime account and see what the loading options are. Let us know if GreenDot MoneyPaks work :)

  13. Joe

    I have GoBank and want to change, one thing about GoBank I love. Is being able to load it at Wal-mart for free. So my question is does chime the same way or will there be a fee? Also both of us have an account, is there joined accounts or someway we can stay connected with the accounts to transfer funds when the other needs it. Thank you

      1. Toph

        So you used the chime card just to get the free ten dollars they offered. Lol you should have stuck with it they now offer 50 dollars

        1. Eileen Bowers

          I signed up for the chime card and I’m wondering do I get any of these rewards as far as the $50 offer how do I get that.?


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