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Chase IHG Premier Credit Card $50 Statement Credit Posted (1 Week After First Purchase)

Good afternoon everyone, I have a quick update to my recent post: Get Matched to the New Chase IHG Rewards Premier 100,000 Point Sign Up Bonus.  In that post, I sent Chase a Secure Message (SM) and got matched from the 80,000 IHG Points sign up bonus to the 100,000 IHG Points sign up bonus.  In the comments section of that post, readers wanted to know if I would still get the $50 statement credit after my first purchase if I accepted the higher sign up bonus offer.  I’m happy to report that the $50 statement credit posted a few days ago.  My first purchase posted on August 7 and the $50 statement credit posted on August 13, roughly 1 week later.  My $89 annual fee posted on August 1, which is roughly 2 weeks before the $50 statement credit posted.

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Calculate Discover It Q3 Restaurant Spend ($75 Cash Back Max)

Good morning everyone. August 15 marks the midway point of Q3 (July 1 to September 30), so I wanted to do a quick check to see how I was doing in regards to my Q3 restaurant spending on my Discover It Credit Card. This quarter, the Discover It Credit Card is paying 5% cash back on all restaurant purchases, up to $1,500 in spend. If you max out Q3, you will earn $75 cash back ($1,500 x 5% = $75).

After you complete the $1,500 restaurant spend this quarter, all future restaurant spend only earns 1% cash back this quarter. I don’t want to do that, since I would rather put the extra restaurant spend on my Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card and earn 3x Chase Ultimate Rewards Points per dollar at restaurants. Some people value Chase Ultimate Rewards Points at more than 1.5 cents per point, but I tend to redeem them for airfare at 1.5 cents per point, so 3x Chase Ultimate Rewards = 4.5% cash back vs. Discover It’s 5% cash back (plus, I tend to redeem my Discover cash back for discounted gift cards through the Discover Deals portal). Anyway, let’s get back on track and talk about calculating Q3 restaurant spend on the Discover It Credit Card.

After logging into your Discover online account, click the Activity & Payments drop down menu and click the Search Transactions link.

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American Express Hilton Business Credit Card $50 Statement Credit Posted 4 Days Later

Good afternoon everyone. Last week, I signed up for the American Express Hilton Business Credit Card using a special link, which gave me a $50 statement credit after my first purchase, along with 100,000 Hilton Points as part of my sign up bonus.  I was curious how long it took for the statement credit to post to my account and I have good news to share.  I made a purchase on July 30 and the $50 statement credit posted to my American Express online account on August 3, roughly 4 days later.  That is pretty fast since I thought I would see the $50 statement credit on my first credit card statement.

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Earn 20% Cash Back at Fanatics.com (College Sports Apparel)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  There is a promotion going on between College Colors Day, Ebates, and Fanatics where you can earn 20% cash back on your Fanatics purchase.  Show your support for your favorite college or university with a brand new hat, shirt, jersey, etc.  All you have to do is start your shopping at CollegeColorsDay.com.  This promotion is running until the official College Colors Day on August 31, 2018.

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Get Matched to the New Chase IHG Rewards Premier 100,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

Good afternoon everyone.  Doctor of Credit wrote an article this morning about a great sign up bonus on the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card.  By using this link, you can get 100,000 IHG points after spending $3,000 in 3 months + $50 statement credit after first purchase.  Last week, I signed up for the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card during my Mini July App-O-Rama, but the sign up bonus was only 80,000 IHG points after spending $2,000 in 3 months + $50 statement credit after first purchase.  The only difference between these 2 offers is the extra $1,000 in minimum spending to get an extra 20,000 IHG points, that is basically 20x IHG points / $ on the last $1,000 in spending.  I like that earning rate.

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