Evolve Money Adds Discover Credit Cards as Bill Pay Payment Source (Visa and MasterCard Payments Coming in 2015)

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Update 6:35PM PST on 11/6/2014: Evolve Money just sent out an email announcing that they will accept Visa and MasterCard payments in 2015.  Scroll to the bottom for more information.

New Evolve Money Logo


Evolve Money Adds Discover Credit Cards as Bill Pay Payment Source

This afternoon, I was browsing around Evolve Money and stumbled onto something new, something BIG.  Evolve Money has partnered with Discover and is now accepting Discover credit cards as a funding source for all Evolve Money bill payments.  It looks like Evolve Money is promoting the Discover It credit card (affiliate style) on their site.  To see the announcement, click here.

Discover Card Partner Evolve Money

When you log into your Evolve Money account, you can manage the cards in your account.  You will see a new box that says Add New Credit Card, followed by the Discover logo.

Evolve Money Pay with Discover Credit Card

Adding my Discover It Credit Card to Evolve Money was easy.

Evolve Money Pay with Discover Credit Card Enter Card Details 1

My Discover It Credit Card now shows up as a credit card on file with Evolve Money.

Discover Card Added to Evolve Account

I tried adding a Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card to my Evolve Money account, but all resulted in the same error message.

Non Discover Card Error Message

I needed to pay a bill, so I used my Discover It Credit Card as the funding source on Evolve Money.

$999 Evolve Money Payment with Discover Card

Here is a copy of my Evolve Money receipt.

Evolve Money Receipt

I logged into my Discover account and the $999 Evolve Money charge (shows as VESTA EVOLVE MONEY) is pending.  The $1 charge is only a temporary authorization and will disappear in a few days.

Pending Evolve Money Payments in Discover Account

You might be worried about a Discover cash advance fee.  Well, my Discover It has no cash advance line and the charge still went through, which suggests that Evolve Money transactions will count as a purchase.  Earning cash back on Evolve Money bill payments is TBD.

Discover Cash Advance Limit

Lastly, this quarter, the Discover It Credit Card is offering 5% cash back for online shipping.  I have already maxed out my online shipping, so I am not sure if Evolve Money bill payments will count as online shopping, that is TBD as well.

Discover It 5 Percent Online Shopping

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

P.S. Shortly after publishing this article, Evolve Money sent out the following email announcing that they will be accepting Visa and MasterCard credit cards in 2015.

Evolve Money Accepting Credit Cards 2015

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30 thoughts on “Evolve Money Adds Discover Credit Cards as Bill Pay Payment Source (Visa and MasterCard Payments Coming in 2015)

  1. Christina

    Pretty great news; thanks for sharing Grant!

    Dear Santa,
    I’ve been a very, very good girl. For Christmas all I want is Evolve to partner with other credit card issuers, specifically Barclays and AmEx. :)

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  3. Dino

    Btw, whats the monthly limit per biller again? I couldnt find their customer service # from their site for some reason. I asked coz our mortgage is $2500.

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  5. Alex

    Silly question but can you pay other credit cards w evolve?? Kinda a free balance transfer with cash back eh? Haha that would be awesome….

    1. Grant

      If you have used Evolve Money before, you can pay those same billers. There are no major credit cards, just store credit cards and you can’t send money to another person.

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  7. Roy

    I have received that email as well. There is a part where they say they accept “all” debit cards. So I am thinking they changed their policy on PPBDM (I also have the 1.5% Grandfathered card)

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  10. Richard

    My big questions is this: When Evolve starts accepting other credit cards, won’t those cards view the transaction as a cash advance? If so, it’s a joke!

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  12. Laura

    How do you know that you don’t have a cash advance line or will be charged a fee? Is there a way to check in your Discover Card account?

    1. Grant

      Yes, log into your Discover account and look at the available cash advance limit beneath your credit card details. If it says anything greater than $0, you can call them and lower your limit. From my experience, Evolve Money will process the transaction as a purchase, not a cash advance.

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  14. MoreInformation

    This is an email that I received from the Evolve Support Team: “Thank you for your email. For Discover cards it must be used to charge the same day.” As of now, same day payments, are free until 12/31/14. However, this means that in the future, it will cost $1.50, for each payment with a Discover card, and possibly the same format for Mastercards and Visas.

    1. Grant

      The $1.50 fee might just be for same day bill payments. Some billers support same day billing, while others only offer 2-3 business day delivery. I think Evolve Money is referring to same day bill payments only. It should still remain free for the 2-3 business day delivery option. That is what I think, unless I hear otherwise. Thank you for bringing that notice to my attention.

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