Random News: AMEX Offers for Best Buy and Starbucks; and Discover It Cash Back Confusion

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Random News: AMEX Offers for Best Buy and Starbucks; and Discover It Cash Back Confusion

Will the AMEX Offers ever end?  We hope not!  If you have not been following the Polar Vortex of AMEX Offers, please check out these posts:

Best Buy joins the party, spending $250 or more and get $25 cash back (hat tip Shawn @ Miles to Memories).

Best Buy AMEX Offer

Starbucks is also fashionably late (stuck waiting for drink in Starbucks line).  Spend $10 *online only* and get $5 cash back.

Starbucks Online AMEX Offer

According to Dan’s Deals, you can get the AMEX offer by loading your Starbucks Card online (don’t buy Starbucks gift cards).

$10 Starbucks Gift Card Reload AMEX Platinum

I tested a $10 online load and received the AMEX Offer email.  So it looks like reloading gift cards online works.

AMEX Email Starbucks

I checked Starbucks Store on Gift Card Mall and apparently Shop Discover is paying out 10% on orders.

Cash Back Monitor Starbucks Online

I’m not 100% 1% sure if this will earn cash back, but it can’t hurt to try :)

Starbucks Online Shop Discover

Speaking of Discover, my Discover It Credit Card statement just closed last night and I need your help to decode the cash back rewards.  Here are all of my Discover It purchases from the past month.

Discover It Charges 11-07-2014

Last month, I talked about the Discover It 5% Cash Back Targeted Promo.  I would earn 5% cash back for the first $1,000 spent at Walgreens.

Discover It Cash Back 11-07-2014

I also used the Shop Discover cash back portal to make an Orbitz hotel reservation and to place a Home Depot order.  If we look at the Shop Discover and Promotional section: $55.15 – $2.15 Orbitz – $3.00 Home Depot = $50, which is 5% cash back on my Walgreens purchases.

Discover It Cash Back Orbitz Discover It Cash Back Home Depot

The $18.43 in Everywhere Else is interesting.  I spent $2,843 on my Discover It Credit Card, subtract the $1,000 for qualifying Walgreens purchases and you are left with $1,843, which earned 1% cash back = $18.43.

The 5% Cashback Bonus is the confusing part.  My only online purchase was made with GiftCardMall.com, which should have earned 5% on a $1,522 purchase, should have earned $76.11, but only earned $35.69.  I’m not sure what is going on there, any idea?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  I gotta pack for my trip to Phoenix this weekend for #westcoastdo.  See you there!

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18 thoughts on “Random News: AMEX Offers for Best Buy and Starbucks; and Discover It Cash Back Confusion

  1. noko

    Thank you so much for the Amex Offers! I also want to know how I can save money or points for shopping at Amazon site. It looks like none of shopping portal have offer for Amazon. Please write about it.

    1. Grant

      You are right, there are really no online shopping portals for Amazon. I have an affiliate account with Amazon (see the Amazon logo to the right), so I earn 1-2% on your purchase. The only real way to save on Amazon is to buy Amazon gift cards with credit cards at office supply stores or grocery stores.

  2. somy

    sometimes the online 5% may take 6-8 weeks too. I am in a similar situation with a purchase on hp.com. They said I should wait for another statement.

    1. Grant

      That’s true, but I haven’t used my Discover It Credit Card the months before October. I’ll have to see what posts on my next statement.

  3. yeshvanth

    Grant, how soon does the 5% post to your account (or show up as pending). I bought a simon mall gift card using my discover and I don’t see any cashback earned. Shouldn’t it have for the 4th quarter?

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  5. whitney

    is it worth mentioning that Bank of America Cash Rewards Bank Ameri Deals is offering 10% cashback on up to $150 at Office Depot OfficeMax?

        1. Grant

          If you have an iPhone, just press the home button and the sleep button at the same time. If you have a different phone, then you are on your own. My email is grant @ travel with grant dot com.

          1. whitney

            sorry I should’ve been more clear I know how to take a screenshot I just don’t know how to include it in my reply to this blog entry….

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