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Earn 1,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles for Referring a New Member?

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Buenos dias everyone. When I was reviewing my weekly AwardWallet summary, I noticed an extra 1,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles that I wasn’t expecting. When I logged in to the Singapore website, this is what I found this:

A screenshot of "Recent Activities" from a Singapore KrisFlyer account showing 1000 miles for "LOYALTY PROG - INDIRECT (SQLP1) KF Activation Campaign (3)"

I couldn’t find anything on Google for “LOYALTY PROG – INDIRECT (SQLP1) KF Activation Campaign (3)”, though I did come across an Australian frequent flier forum where the same code (SQLP1) was attached to bonus points that Krisflyer awarded to new users.

Last month, I booked a United Airlines flight for one of my coworkers, and when asked, he said he didn’t have any Star Alliance frequent flier memberships. I recommended that he sign up for a Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account since they offer mileage-based earning for United Airlines flights.

"there's a field on there where it asks if you were referred by another member, no idea what it does but you can put in my number"

Maybe now we know what it does?

He took his first flight using his Krisflyer number on March 29, and these bonus miles posted exactly two weeks later. Coincidence? I don’t know. I tried reaching out to @SingaporeAir on Twitter, but they weren’t able to help.

A message from @singaporeair on Twitter: "Hi Tonei, u may wish to write in to KF_contact@singaporeair.com.sg, as they are best able to advise on the matter. Thank u."

I’ll reach out to the Krisflyer team via email to confirm, but what do you think? Have you seen bonus miles like this before? Would knowing that a referral would get you 1,000 KrisFlyer miles make you more likely to encourage family & friends to open KrisFlyer accounts? (Do you want to put my Krisflyer number in the referral field when you sign up?) Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Earn 1,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles for Referring a New Member?

  1. Max

    Just referred a friend a few weeks back and noticed the same message today which brought me to google> here.
    So yes, it is a referral program for sure. Now, what I wanna know is if there’s any limit to these referrals

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