PayPal Extras MasterCard Change: Earn Unlimited Points (Eliminating 50,000 Point Yearly Cap)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Saturday.  I’m having a lazy weekend in SF and working on a few blog posts.  Earlier this morning, I received an email from PayPal / Synchrony Bank with the subject line, “Exciting changes to your PayPal Extras MasterCard”.  Uh oh, my definition of “exciting” usually differs greatly from the credit card company’s definition.  I cautiously opened the email to find out what is changing to my credit card…

Thankfully, there is no bad news, just 2 good changes to the credit card.  Effective immediately, there is no yearly cap on the number of points you can earn with your credit card (the old cap was 50,000 points per calendar year).  You also have 24 months to redeem your credit card points, which is twice as long as the old 12 month timeframe.  Unfortunately, if you do not make a credit card purchase or points redemption within 24 months, you will lose your points.  That is no good, but I imagine that most people who have this credit card are earning or redeeming points at least once every 24 months.  Lastly, they are going to introduce a new card design.

As a reminder, you can access the PayPal Extras MasterCard online portal by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on the PayPal Extras MasterCard link on the left hand side, underneath your PayPal balance.  You will then be brought to this Synchrony Bank landing page.

I have had a PayPal Extras MasterCard for several years, but I no longer use that credit card.  The credit card rewards earned from the PayPal Extras MasterCard are not worth very much, compared to the points I earn with my Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card and my American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card.  My PayPal Extras MasterCard will continue to get dusty in my drawer until Q4 when PayPal usually sends out targeted spending bonus offers.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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