Hyatt Denied My Best Rate Guarantee Claim

I was in the planning stages of a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when I started looking at Hyatt hotels options.  I quickly found the Hyatt Ziva and it captured my attention. With rates on their website being easy to search, I tried many rate options, including AAA, to see what the best price would be.  The Hyatt website listed the room rate at $838 / night. AAA and other discounts yielded only slightly lower rates.

Hyatt Direct Booking Quote

I decided to try using the Chase Ultimate Rewards booking system for the same room and found it for $309 / night.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Booking Quote

This is a huge difference, but I thought I could do better. A different online travel agency listed the same room for $250 / night.  The price differences are incredible, for the same exact room.

Third Party OTA Quote

Note that all quotes are for the same room.  The Hyatt Ziva is an all-inclusive resort, so the rates change based on occupancy. Thinking about the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee program, I decided to apply for it to see if I could save even more money. I submitted the third OTA quote by way of the BRG claim form.  About 24 hours later, I received a message from the BRG team asking for more information, a link to the OTA site.  I had previously supplied this but supplied it again.  I was told to submit a second BRG claim.  I then re-submitted everything a second time.

After not receiving any communication from the BRG team a second time, I reached out to Hyatt via Twitter.  I was told to send them a direct message on Twitter.  I contacted them and they were very responsive, but they told me they could only “update my file”.  I should also note, I followed the BRG terms and conditions and did book straight through the Hyatt site before I submitted the BRG claim.

After waiting more than 7 days for an answer from the BRG team, my travel plans were about 72 hours away.  I had no choice but to cancel the direct booking on Hyatt’s site and rebook with the third party OTA.

For me, dealing with Hyatt has been a pleasure, except for BRG.  Is BRG even real or is it just a mechanism to confuse and frustrate guests?  I am going out on a limb here, but I would think most people would not try as hard as I did to go through the BRG hoops – maybe that’s what Hyatt wants.  Booking a hotel room should be painless, especially for loyalty members.  You know the industry has a problem with these programs when services like exists to walk you through the process.  It’s time for BRGs to go away unless hotels are going to step up and put some value into this product. Meanwhile, I had a fantastic stay at the property.  Check out my Trip Report: Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (All-Inclusive Resort).

Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

11 thoughts on “Hyatt Denied My Best Rate Guarantee Claim

  1. SinoSoul

    Did HYATT BRG for Hawaii, was successful, (though was a major online agency). Ended up canceling as CSR 4th night free ended up still cheaper.

  2. Jason

    “After waiting more than 7 days for an answer from the BRG team, my travel plans were about 72 hours away. ”
    That is totally ridiculous. There is no way it would take Hyatt that long to investigate your claim. This is a dirty stall tactic that some businesses use to get claims to go away, which unfortunately in your situation worked for them.
    It’s sad when a company chooses such despicable tactics. Stories like this and many others is what makes me try to avoid Hyatt whenever possible.

  3. MSer

    So, you were effed but the most criticism you can heap on such scummy tactics is to praise them, then suggest BRGs “go away” because they made it so painful and time consuming?

    That’s calling licking the boot that kicks you. Time to grow some cajones.

  4. Kevin

    Wow what a coincidence. I booked Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallaeta last month for travel in October. Found a cheaper quote on Did a BRG, about 12 hours later got the match and another 17% off excluding the taxes. Weird I didn’t get the full 20% but that’s okay, I was happy with the result. All said and done, $202 a night for partial ocean view for double occupancy, a real steal of a deal.

  5. E

    In my group of travel friends, Hyatt BRGs are rarely successful. I agree, if they’re just going to ignore it or not honor it, why offer it at all?

  6. Leslie Webb

    Grant, you make my head hurt. Do you remember when u met me & my younger friend a few years ago at a Starbucks halfway between where u were & SD? Ok – since then your blog changed a lot – nitpick points from a gazillion points – just my own opinion. But I still love you. I just can’t chase the minutiae at my age.

    Anyway, is there a way to assist the older population in order get great credit cards (for which most older responsible folk have available credit ) and enjoy the benefits afforded?

    I have invited your presence before – but maybe I would prefer your folks presence – or both. Just an inviting friendship in Fort Worth!

    1. Grant

      Hi Leslie, I remember our Starbucks Meetup, I was down in San Diego a few weeks ago and drove past that Starbucks :)

      My friends call me the king of the small deals. There are not as many big deals these days.

      Thanks for the DFW invite, I’ll let you know the next time I’m in Dallas. Have a great weekend.

  7. Craig

    I couldn’t agree more with this article! I’ve tried using BRG from OTA against other OTA’s. They all say, we will get back to you soon or get back to you within 1-2 business days and I never hear anything. I resubmit the claim and still no responses. I agree with you that its stall tactics and/or they don’t want to own up to the price matching. I also tried to use Best Western BRG and received a timely response, however, it was denied. Best Western said the OTA matches date, property, bed type, and room type, however, because not “all” the room amentiies were listed on the OTA that were listed on BW website, BW said they couldn’t exactly be sure it was the same room. Inexcusable way to get to get out of owning up to the policy.

  8. Julien W

    Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta advertised Kids Stay Free on
    And denied the promotion even after I emailed them a two screen shots! Bait and Switch tactic!


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