Are you a Teacher? Check out these Perks at Staples & BJ’s Brewhouse

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  I spent Saturday at Treasure Island (the island in the San Francisco Bay between San Francisco and Oakland) at the Treasure Island Flea Market and at Woods Beer Company.  On Sunday, I took my girlfriend back to school shopping at Staples (she is a teacher and needed to purchase school supplies for her classroom).  While we were checking out, she told the cashier she was a teacher and needed a lot of school supplies for her classroom.  Without missing a beat, the cashier reached under the counter and pulled out a big envelope.  Inside the envelope, there were a few freebies along with some very good coupons.  The cashier was a really cool guy and let her use the coupons on that purchase. The envelopes are supposed to be for teachers only, so be prepared to show your teacher ID card, if the cashier asks.

This love for teachers reminded me about another perk for teachers at BJ’s Brewhouse (home of the world famous Pizookie).  They have a promotion called Buy a Hero a Beer that says:

Enjoy a beer generously donated by a member of your community. Find out how to reserve and redeem your free handcrafted BJ’s beer at a BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse near you.

While my girlfriend and I were waiting for our table, I told her to go to the website and sign up.  She entered her school name and school email address and received an email with the special code good for a free beer.  Pretty simple process and she loved the seasonal Nitwit beer on tap.

These are just 2 perks for teachers that I learned about from the last 2 weeks.  I’m sure there are many other perks out there.  If you know of any other perks for teachers (other than the awesome 2.5 month long vacation every summer), please let me know in the comments below.  Have a great day everyone!

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