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Today Only: Buy $50 Chili’s eGC & Get 2 $10 Bonus Cards Free

(Hat Tip to my friend Kal for the heads up)

Today only, Chili’s is offering a great eGC deal.  If you buy a $50 Chili’s eGC, you can get 2 $10 bonus cards for free (bonus cards valid through July 31, 2018).  I’m not sure what the limit is for the number of orders you can place, but if you place more than 1 order, please let me know if your order goes through.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Happy shopping everyone!

Downgrade to No Annual Fee Barclays Arrival Credit Card & Get 1,000 Bonus Arrival Miles

Good morning everyone, I have a short post today regarding my Barclays Arrival Credit Card.  A few weeks ago, I wrote Barclays Arrival Plus Credit Card: Redeem 2,500 Points for $25 Travel Statement Credit (Only Toward $89 Annual Fee).  After redeeming 2,500 Barclays Arrival Miles for a $25 travel statement credit toward the $89 annual fee, I called Barclays to downgrade to the no annual fee Barclays Arrival Credit Card.  The new credit card arrived a few days ago, along with the following letter.  I can earn 1,000 bonus Barclays Arrival Miles after making my first purchase.  That sounded like a no brainer, so I made a $25 travel purchase.

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Personal Capital & Betterment Keep Life Simple for Travelers

When you travel a lot, like most of us do, you may have a hard time keeping track of all your different account balances, payments received and checks posting etc. Combine that with multiple accounts, each bank has a different app with unique passwords, you’re outside of the USA so some don’t work without VPN and the tasks can be time consuming and frustrating. I use a service that helps track all your financial accounts and presents them to you in one convenient dashboard. Once set up, the service updates your checking, savings, credit card, investment, retirement, and HSA accounts periodically so the totals and transactions are all displayed when you login to their app or website.

Personal Capital

I have used Personal Capital for years and think you may enjoy it as well. You can sign up for free, and there is no ongoing subscription costs to use the service. Of course, they also sell financial planning services and would like to talk to you about their products, but no purchase is necessary. Personal Capital has all the security features you would expect like second factor authentication by text, email, etc and they also identify login by browser so you can see which browsers have logged on and delete those you don’t want to allow access anymore. If you sign up using my link, we will both get $20 from Personal Capital.

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Hyatt 40% Bonus on Purchased Points (Expires May 23)

Whether or not you buy hotel points when promotions are running, it’s good to know your options. We all like to travel more for less! Topping up accounts for an upcoming stay can serve us well when we can get more value from the cost of the stays then we spend on buying those points. I use up my Hyatt points way faster than I drink my flat whites, so I keep a list of hotel point promos handy to see if they’ll work for me.

Currently, Hyatt is running their buy points promotions. Depending on your travel plans this might be worth checking out.

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I Just Discovered Another Travel Agent Super Power

I recently read about a Super Power that some travel agents possess! Don’t you hate it that some airlines make it difficult and near impossible to get preassigned seats? I know many travelers simply won’t fly these airlines, preferring instead to choose airlines where you can (even for a fee) have a preassigned seat.

Ah yes, that superpower. I read that when it is difficult to get preassigned seats, some travel agents and agencies, particularly Virtuoso agents, have access to seat assignments on these airlines that are not available to ordinary travelers. Good deal all around for both the travelers and agents. Continue reading