Get Free Airport Parking with “Frequent Parker” Programs

I hate going to the airport for a quick meeting at the lounge, a meal with a friend passing through, or a short weekend trip and immediately facing the fact that my airport charges hefty hourly and daily parking fees. I can’t Uber or Lyft to the airport because I live far enough away where it’s not economical for me. One way I have found to park for free is by utilizing my off-site parking company’s “frequent parker” program. The program earns you points for each day you park and pay the daily rates; then similar to the points and miles game we all love, you simply use the points accumulated to park for free when you want to.

The facility I have been using recently is Canopy Airport Parking. With Canopy, you can use your points to park for free in the open air, covered self park, or valet parking; they all cost the same number of points.  The valet option offers car washes, and a heated area with free coffee and snacks while you wait for the shuttle bus.

If you own a company or manage the vehicles for your company, you can add multiple vehicle license plates to your profile and accumulate points anytime one of your company vehicles parks at Canopy, which may help you accumulate points faster.

Have you ever used Canopy’s “frequent parker” program or a similar off-airport parking program?  Let me know your thoughts below.

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3 thoughts on “Get Free Airport Parking with “Frequent Parker” Programs

  1. DaninMCI

    I use the airport’s own (airport owned) parking program at MCI. “KCI Rewards” works great for me because I park there on business mostly. Then I can save up the points and earn free parking for my personal trip parking needs. I haven’t used any private company programs but I’ve seen ones like Canopy.

  2. TimmyD

    I used Canopy in the past multiple times in the past without realizing that they had a rewards program. I always used the reduced e470 rate. I take Uber/Lyft most of the time, not just for the convenience but also because I thinks it’s safer than driving when exhausted from flying. For really short trips parking is still much cheaper. I’ve been using SpotHero, which frequently has discount codes and keeps putting me at park DIA, which I think is a good bit closer than canopy and the others, making the shuttle ride less painful

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