Marriott 2018 Changes: Rollover Nights, Status Buy Back & New Hertz Benefits

Marriott is making changes for 2018 that are worth noting! Being able to rollover nights in excess of our elite requirements is a great benefit of some hotel chains. But now with Marriott, we’ll have to track nights more closely! Going forward, in 2018 our excess nights earned will no long roll forward into 2019. It was great while it lasted! Do you track your hotel nights closely? If not, and you’re a Marriott loyalist, will you start keeping closer tabs on qualifying nights, or does this change not matter much in your hotel choice patterns?

Also worth noting, if you are a Marriott Platinum elite member, you can receive free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star Status.  If you are a Marriott Platinum Premier elite member, you can receive Hertz Gold Plus rewards President’s Circle Status.  Click here to learn about these benefits.

What do you think of these changes to the Marriott 2018 program?

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