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Free One Way Car Rentals from Saint Paul, Chicago & Boston to Several Cities in Florida

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Good morning everyone, happy Saturday.  If you have any long road trips planned, please pay attention to this post.  TransferCar has just added 350 one way car rentals from Saint Paul, MN, Chicago, IL, and Boston, MA to various parts of Florida (Orlando, Miami, and Cape Coral).  Most of these one way car rentals (actually they are considered vehicle relocations) are free and some even provide gas credit.  I first wrote about TransferCar in February 2015, I documented my experience driving a TransferCar RV from Los Angeles to Denver, and shared the news that TransferCar launches service in Canada.  If you are interested in these car rentals, they are first come first serve.  I highly recommend the TransferCar team, they are very helpful and knowledgeable.

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Here are a few of the rental cars available in Saint PaulChicago, and Boston.  After you select your starting city, use the pickup date calendar to see which cars are available on your dates.  If you have several options available, you can narrow it down by dropoff city in Florida and the type of vehicle.

If you have any questions about TransferCar, please let me know.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Free One Way Car Rentals from Saint Paul, Chicago & Boston to Several Cities in Florida

  1. Guillermo Martinez

    Seeking 3 week or longer trasfer assigenments with unlimited miles withing 250 miles from Chicago, IL. Or 4+ week or longer transfer assignments withing 500 miles from Chicago, IL


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