Please Do NOT Skip Seeing the Milan Cathedral

Has this ever happened to you? You read about someone’s travel experience of a certain place or site and it’s so different from yours that you have to double check to see if maybe your experience wasn’t what you thought. That happened to me when I read this post from Traveling the Globe 4 Less. Avoid the Milan Cathedral… no way. Like the plague… seems a bit extreme.

Milan Cathedral. Image source:

So I did the smart thing and asked my cousin, who was with me in Milan this past Spring, to read the article and then tell me what she recalled about our experience. Here’s what my cousin said:

I read the article and WOW- we definitely had a great experience in the ever crowded Milan. We visited the cathedral the day before going to see the Duomo. People were nice and answered all of our questions. The Duomo line moved quickly. We were able to climb the steps at a good pace. People we encountered (tourists and locals) were friendly in both places. Once we were on the roof, there was plenty of room to move around. The walk down was also pretty quick.

That’s how I remembered our days in Milan, too. Maybe my cousin and I were drunk on gelato, but still I wouldn’t suggest anyone skip seeing the Milan Cathedral. In fact, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Milan since I tend to be partial to southern Italy. Travel always helps me remember that really no two travel experiences had by any two travelers is ever the same. If you’re heading to Italy, enjoy Milan. I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Chris Bastian

    Recommendation: when you book your tickets to enter the Duomo, ask about a guided tour. You’ll be directed to a separate (and shorter) ticketing line, and you won’t have to wait to take the elevator up to the roof.


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