Say Hi to Grant at the Chicago Seminars Travel Conference this Weekend (October 20-22)

Good afternoon everyone.  This weekend, October 20-22, I will be at the world famous Chicago Seminars in beautiful Chicago Elk Grove, Illinois (near Chicago O’Hare International Airport).  I love going to travel conferences, especially the Chicago Seminars.  It is great to see so many familiar friends, both readers and bloggers alike.  I will be there from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening wearing my Travel with Grant shirt.  If you see me, please stop by and say hi.

Every year, I go to several travel conferences and wear my Travel with Grant shirt, so I am very easy to spot.  But I always get emails the Monday after the event saying something along the lines of, “I saw you at the travel conferences and wanted to say hi, but I was too shy.”  Please don’t do that, if you see me, or any other travel blogger that you recognize, please stop and say hi.  We are there to meet and talk to you.  You flew or drove all the way to the travel conferences, so you just have to go the last 5-10 feet and make an introduction.  Trust me, it is worth the initial awkwardness (everyone feels like that at their first travel conference).

While you are there, keep a lookout for this guy pictured below.  His name is Ray and he knows a thing or two about churning credit cards. I hope to see some of you this weekend.  Safe travels everyone.

Grant and Ray @ Chicago Seminars (October 2014)

Which of these 2 Amazing Cash Back Credit Cards is Right for You? Here’s what I’m Getting!

What one credit card do you know the LEAST about? If there’s one credit card I don’t know much about, it’s the Discover It Credit Card. And yet, quite often friends and family members ask me about it. Just last week, my cousin received an email with an advertisement encouraging her to apply for a Discover It Credit Card. She’s smart, so she did what smart cousins do… she asked me what I thought :) My cover as a know-it-all regarding credit cards was blown. I told her to stay tuned and I’d check into the Discover It Credit Card and let her know my thoughts.

Then I did what smart bloggers do – and reached out to the source I knew who had written a ton about the Discover It Credit Card. In fact, from way back in 2015, I had it on my to-do list to reach out to him and ask him about the Discover It Credit Card. It was time to bring that to-do item to the top of the list – so I sat down with Harlan at Out and Out and talked all things Discover. And now I can give my cousin, and all of you, the best information and advice possible.

First off, Discover has two cash back credit cards to choose from and most importantly, it’s a lucrative card – especially in the first year.

Discover It Credit Card (Harlan’s referral link)

The Discover It Credit Card gives you 1% cash back, no annual fee, and no foreign transaction fees. It also has quarterly bonus rotating categories where you’ll get 5% cash back on up to $1,500 spend in those categories. And because Discover matches what you’ve spent in the first year, it effectively becomes a 2% and 10% cash back credit card for that first year. Harlan said the bonus categories are great and he never has trouble spending $1,500 in the bonus category every quarter. Here’s one important tip on this card. You MUST register your credit card each quarter before you start shopping to earn the 5% bonus. Activation is easy, so do it BEFORE you start your quarterly shopping.

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1,500 Membership Reward Points Posted Fast for $100 Grocery Store AMEX Offer

Good evening everyone.  A few weeks ago, American Express released an AMEX Offer where you could earn 1,500 Membership Reward Points after you spent $100 at grocery stores before November 30.  This offer is really good, but unfortunately I only had this AMEX Offer on my American Express Everyday Credit Card.  The nice thing about this AMEX Offer is that you didn’t have to complete the spending requirement in 1 transaction, so you could make several grocery store purchases that added up to $100.  If this AMEX Offer did require a single grocery store purchase of $100, I would have just bought a $100 grocery store gift card to Safeway, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  Here are the complete terms and conditions of the AMEX Offer:

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1,500 FlexPoints or 2,500 Club Carlson Points for Setting Up Automatic Payments

Good afternoon everyone.  Yesterday afternoon, I received 2 promotional emails from US Bank to receive FlexPoints and Club Carlson points for setting up an automatic payment and paying with a specific US Bank credit cards.  The promotional emails came from US Bank ( with the subject line “Act now and earn 1,500 FlexPoints” and “Act now and earn 2,500 bonus points.” Here is what the emails look like.  If you have other US Bank credit cards, you may have received a similar offer.  Please share your offers in the comments.

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American Airlines Business Extra: Don’t Forget to Double Dip on your AA Flights

Do you know that American Airlines has another mileage earning program besides its Advantage Mileage Program? So, yes, you earn miles in both programs. I joined it years ago, but I’ll admit to not utilizing the program and its bonuses very well or very often. In my effort to not leave miles/points on the table, I’m paying more attention to programs like these, and so should you. The program is called Business Extra. It allows businesses and “businesses” to earn extra miles for their employees and “employees” flights. It’s American Airlines way of rewarding small businesses. These Business Extra miles are earned in a separate mileage program. You earn points based on dollars spent on eligible flights, so your stash won’t grow as fast as your Advantage Program miles will, but it still makes sense to double dip when you can. You can still credit the flights on American Airlines to any partner airline you’d like, but as long as your Business Extra number is on your ticket, you’ll earn Business Extra points too.

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