Poll: Should They Fly Home from Europe on XL France or Thomas Cook Airlines?

Good morning everyone, happy Saturday.  I need your help, well actually, my girlfriend needs your help.  She is trying to figure out how she and her mom should fly home from Malta (small country in the Mediterranean Sea).  They can either fly home on Monday, July 9 via Air Malta to Paris (CDG) and onto San Francisco (SFO) via XL France or they can fly home on Tuesday, July 10 via Air Malta to Manchester, England (MAN) and onto San Francisco (SFO) via Thomas Cook Airlines.  Here are the various flight times and prices for Monday’s option:

MLA-CDG 06:25am – 09:20am ($201)
CDG-SFO 11:00am – 01:35pm ($532)

2 hr 55 min + 1 hr 40 min (layover) + 11 hr 35 min = 16 hr 10 min total ($733)

Here are the various flight times and prices for Tuesday’s option:

MLA-MAN 07:30am – 10:05am ($112)
MAN-SFO 11:55am – 02:50pm ($555)

3 hr 35 min + 1 hr 50 min (layover) + 10 hr 55 min = 16 hr 20 min total ($667)

Tuesday’s option is $66 cheaper and takes about the same amount of travel time.  But I have never flown on Thomas Cook Airlines or XL France, so I can’t say that one airline is better than another.  If you have any experience with either airline, please let me know which choice you think they should pick.  Lastly, you can vote in my poll and we will see what the more popular option is. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Poll: Should They Fly Home from Europe on XL France or Thomas Cook Airlines?

  1. Dave

    Just to make sure i understand, you are considering an option of two separate tickets with an ~1:20 layover in CDG?

    1. Dave

      Ok so ~1:40 layover. If you think about this you will come to the conclusion without consulting any of us this is a horrible idea.

    1. HLC

      Be safe and do an overnight in MAN. Ryan Air #5210 on Jul 9th ($73 pp) 4:15 p-6:55 p, then connect to Thomas Cook #2624 on July 10th, 11:55 a-2:50 p ($555 pp). Holiday Inn Express Manchester Airport for under $100 (20K IHG pts) with free breakfast. Net cost including overnight $678 pp.

  2. David A Marquette

    Thomas Cook via MAN. Buy a thru ticket, if not for sale on their web site, go to Condor. They sell thru tix, same company. Easier to connect MAN than CDG. Thru ticket will interline bags. You can buy a lounge pass in MAN at the Escape, cheaply add on Fastrack (you have to clear immigration Schengen to non-. If possible, purchase their premium pd upgrade.


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