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Don’t Take This Long-Haul Flight Advice Sitting Down!

Sitting for long periods of time on airplanes is an experience many of us have had. My longest flight was 15 hours, and though all those movies and business class meals helped to pass the time, that’s still a long time to be in an airplane. Of course I don’t sit all the time. I get up and walk around as often as I need to. Continue reading

PSA: Link Loyalty Programs to American Express Membership Rewards Before You Need to Make an Urgent Transfer

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  A few days ago, I needed to book an award ticket using Avianca LifeMiles, but I didn’t have enough LifeMiles in my account.  Luckily, American Express recently added Avianca LifeMiles as a Membership Rewards transfer partner.  I thought it would be an easy 1-2-3 process of adding my Avianca LifeMiles account to Membership Rewards, transferring Membership Rewards Points to my Avianca LifeMiles account, and booking the Avianca LifeMiles award ticket.  Unfortunately, Membership Rewards was not able to add/verify my Avianca LifeMiles account right away.  The first thing I did was to sign into my Membership Rewards account and click on the Avianca LifeMiles tile.

Continue reading

Southwest Airlines Changes Their Refund Policy and We Actually Benefit!

I’m not the best when it comes to statistics, but I’d be willing to bet that when airlines make policy changes the odds are NOT in our favor those changes are to our advantage. But sometimes I’m happy to be proven wrong and have those odds go against me. And that’s just what happened not too long ago when Southwest updated one of their ticket change policies. Continue reading

Come Visit Me at FTU Sydney!

Sorry in advance for the short notice!

I found out just a couple of weeks ago that I was planning to be in Sydney at the same time as the Frequent Traveler University is happening this year. And even better, just last weekend, I agreed to come on as a last minute addition to the already awesome list of speakers!

FTU Sydney is happening this coming weekend – November 17 – 18, 2018, and I would absolutely love to see you there! Now, I know that it’s pretty unlikely that anyone is going to book last minute flights to Sydney to see me speak at the FTU, but it would be so fun to see some friendly faces that already happen to be in Sydney! Continue reading

Do Europe’s Capital Cities Ranked By Cost Match Your Own Experience?

Different cities can be wildly different in how expensive they are when you visit them. That may be stating the obvious, but sometimes the obvious just pops out at you.Whether the cities are in the same country or on the same continent, I notice the price differentials. Having just returned from Copenhagen, and having found it to be an expensive place to spend time, I was wondering how it measured up to other European cities. Continue reading