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United Airlines Buy Miles Mystery Offer: Up to 100% Bonus Miles (Ends Today – May 24)

Updated at 10pm PT on 5/10: It looks like some readers are getting up to 100% bonus offers from United Airlines.

Good afternoon everyone.  United Airlines has a great buy miles promo currently running through May 24.  It is a mystery offer, so depending on your account, you may see an offer for up to 75% bonus, or you might see a higher or lower offer.  I checked my family’s United Airlines account and 75% bonus was the highest offer I saw, but it is possible that there are higher bonuses too.  If you are a few hundred / thousand United Airlines miles away from redeeming for an award ticket, it might be a great idea to buy the remaining United Airlines miles.  This promo runs for 2 more weeks and ends on May 24, so you have 2 weeks to decide.  If you want to see other buy miles and hotel points promos, click here.

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Hyatt 40% Bonus on Purchased Points (Expires May 23)

Whether or not you buy hotel points when promotions are running, it’s good to know your options. We all like to travel more for less! Topping up accounts for an upcoming stay can serve us well when we can get more value from the cost of the stays then we spend on buying those points. I use up my Hyatt points way faster than I drink my flat whites, so I keep a list of hotel point promos handy to see if they’ll work for me.

Currently, Hyatt is running their buy points promotions. Depending on your travel plans this might be worth checking out.

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I Just Discovered Another Travel Agent Super Power

I recently read about a Super Power that some travel agents possess! Don’t you hate it that some airlines make it difficult and near impossible to get preassigned seats? I know many travelers simply won’t fly these airlines, preferring instead to choose airlines where you can (even for a fee) have a preassigned seat.

Ah yes, that superpower. I read that when it is difficult to get preassigned seats, some travel agents and agencies, particularly Virtuoso agents, have access to seat assignments on these airlines that are not available to ordinary travelers. Good deal all around for both the travelers and agents. Continue reading

TWG Update: Credit Card & Buy Miles/Points Pages

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day Weekend.  I wanted to give a quick thank you to TWG readers who attended my OC Travel Hackers Meetup on Saturday and to all the TWG readers who left comments about how wonderful their mom is on my Amazon Gift Card Giveaway post (I will pick winners later today).  Let’s keep the thank yous coming.

This post is about credit card affiliate links, credit card referral links, and buy miles/points affiliate links.  I know there are some readers that hate using affiliate links and supporting bloggers by using those links.  That makes me sad.  Blogging is lots of fun, but it definitely requires work and lots of time.  Advertising revenue is nice, but credit card affiliate links is where the big money is.  I am a big proponent of credit card sign up bonuses and supporting my favorite travel bloggers, and credit card affiliate links are the perfect combination.  I hate talking about credit card affiliate links because I don’t want to sound greedy.  With all that said, I recently switched credit card affiliate networks (actually, they decided I was not producing enough sales and removed me from the program), so now I am with a new (smaller) credit card affiliate network.  I recently redesigned my credit card page and wanted to let my readers know (click the Credit Card link in the top navigation).

At the top of the page, I have a list of credit card affiliate categories.  Sorry, I don’t have direct links to credit card offers, but click on the credit card category that best matches which credit card you are interested in.  This credit card affiliate network is smaller and newer than the previous network, so the website might not have every credit card you are interested in.  As the network continues to grow, they will increase the number of credit cards they offer.  If you do apply for a credit card through one of the category links, I really appreciate your support!

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Reminder: OC Travel Hackers Meetup Saturday, May 12 @ 12pm at In-N-Out (Tustin District)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday.  I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be flying down to Orange County this weekend for Mother’s Day, so I decided to do a travel hackers meetup on Saturday afternoon.  If you are free tomorrow, I would love to meet you and talk travel, miles, points, MS, and blogging.

  • Where: 2895 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 (Google Maps)
  • When: Saturday, May 12 @ 12-2PM

In-N-Out Tustin District Map

There is no need to RSVP to the OC travel hackers meetup, just show up at 12pm and be ready to talk talk travel.  I hope to see some of you there.  Have a great day everyone.