Finally! Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Checker Now Working

Good afternoon everyone.  This might seem like a silly blog post, how hard could it be to check the balance of a Southwest Airlines gift card or egift card?  You would be surprised.  I first wrote about the broken Southwest Airlines gift card balance checker in November 2016.  At the time (and through all of 2017 and into early 2018), the Southwest Airlines gift card balance checker would return an error message stating that the security check solution (CAPTCHA code) was entered incorrectly.  Why didn’t I type the CAPTCHA code correctly?  How hard is that?  Strangely enough, the CAPTCHA code html website code hid the CAPTCHA code from view, so there was no way to enter the CAPTCHA code correctly, therefore, there was no way to verify you were not a robot, and no way to view your Southwest Airlines gift card balance.  Until now…

I am happy to report that Southwest Airlines fixed their gift card balance checker page.  You can now type your Southwest Airlines gift card (or egift card) number and security code number (PIN) into the Southwest Airlines gift card balance checker and click the Check Now button.

Luckily, you will now see your Southwest Airlines gift card (or egift card) balance on the next page.  No more annoying error message or hidden CAPTCHA codes to deal with.  Woo hoo, it only took Southwest Airlines more than a year to fix this problem.

The alternative approach I recommended in the old Southwest Airlines gift card balance check blog post still works too.  You have to go to the Southwest Airlines View Travel Funds page.  From here, you can view the balance of your Southwest Airlines travel funds, Southwest Airlines LUV vouchers, and Southwest Airlines gift cards (and egift cards).  Southwest Airlines also got rid of the CAPTCHA code on this page, even though it was working properly.

I tested one of my Southwest Airlines travel funds and the balance checker worked fine.

I’m very pleased that Southwest Airlines finally fixed their gift card balance checker.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

7 thoughts on “Finally! Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Checker Now Working

  1. dan

    grant, thx for info; btw, do u or any folks on here happen to know SW has any official policy that will extend travel fund that customer paid for (for a fee)?

    1. Grant Post author

      As far as I know, Southwest Airlines will not extend the expiration date of travel funds. You have to redeem and travel by the expiration date on the travel funds.

      1. dan

        fyi grant, swa’s exec office told me that for a $100 fee, the funds can be extended for another 6 mo.; personal thought is the fee is a bit steep for only 6 mo, lol…

          1. dan

            no or not yet…hope won’t have; presently have about $1.2k in total with exp. in dec (redeemed from flexperks pts last dec. for 2 pt); want to ask as in case plan change that can’t use it all by exp date
            posted same ? on FB, got a reply that it can be extended for $50 about 2 yrs ago; appears that swa now doubles that fee, crazy

          2. Grant Post author

            I don’t have that much SWA travel funds, but I do have a lot of SWA eGCs that I bought from eBay and directly to use up travel reimbursements on CCs. If you do extend the travel funds, let me know how the process goes. Do they take the value from the funds itself or do you have to pay the fee with a CC?

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