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Do You Use An Affinity Reward Credit Card? Here’s a Better Option!

I swear this happened the other day because I could not make this stuff up, even if I tried. And it’s by far the number one mistake people make in gathering miles and points. I’m in line to pay for groceries and the man in front of me pulls out a credit card to pay for his items. I have a curious nature, so I always look to see what credit card people use for their expenses. I contorted my body in several different directions in order to catch the name on the card and it was a, drum roll please… TJ Maxx Credit Card. Who knew TJ Maxx even had a credit card? And I’m not judging people who shop at TJ Maxx. Observing this man using his TJ Maxx Credit Card at a grocery store reminded me of all the other friends and family members I have who use these affinity cards. Using affinity cards doesn’t make sense if the goal is to travel more for less. Credit cards that accrue flexible points and miles so they can be used on various airlines and at multiple hotel chains makes much much much better sense! Continue reading

United Airlines & IHG Buy Miles/Points Flash Sales: 100% Bonus

Updated at 3:15pm PT on 6/12: The 100% bonus on United Airlines miles is gone, but there are a few 70% bonus packages still left.

(Hat tip to Kal for the United Airlines email)

Good afternoon everyone.  I have 2 buy miles/points flash sale deals to share.  United Airlines is offering 20,000 bonus miles when you purchase one of their 20,000 mile packages.  IHG is also offering a 100% bonus on the number of IHG Points you purchase, with a minimum purchase of 5,000 IHG Points.  If you are short on a few United Airlines miles or IHG Points for your next redemption, take a look at these promos and take advantage of the deals.  I have added both offers to our Buy Miles/Points Page.

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Convert 20,000 JetBlue TrueBlue Points into a Free Wyndham Rewards Hotel Night (15,000 Points)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  A few days ago, I showed you how to status match and transfer points between Wyndham Rewards and La Quinta Returns.  But what if you wanted to rack up Wyndham Rewards Points for free nights at any Wyndham hotel (including all-inclusive hotels)?  Wyndham Hotels are not the nicest hotels in the world and paid rates can often be very cheap, but every now and then, paid rates can be extremely expensive.  For example, Travel at One Mile At A Time found a Wyndham Hotel that was charging $1,500+ for a 1 night stay during the big eclipse last year.  Granted, that is very extreme, but I am sure you can find some hotels charging $300+ a night if you looked hard enough.

How do I get more Wyndham Rewards Points?

Wyndham does sell points, but you can only buy 10,000 points per year…

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Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Upgrade Bonus & Courtesy Adjustment Points Posted (30K Instead of 20K)

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I upgraded my Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card to the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card.  I upgraded to the new credit card since I was offered 20,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points.  However, when I confirmed the upgrade offer with Chase, I was told I would only get 10,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points for upgrading.  I then sent screenshots of the 20,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points upgrade offer to Chase via Secure Message (SM) and the Chase rep honored the 20,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points upgrade offer.

Fast forward to yesterday when my Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card statement closed.  On the statement, it showed that I received 20,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points from “Bonus on Premier Plus Upgrade” and an additional 10,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points as a “Courtesy Adjustment.”  I also earned 20,000 Marriott Rewards Points from a referral (thank you whoever you are), but let’s ignore that in this post.

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Kick Back with Bonus Alaska Airlines Miles (Promo Expires July 3)

Need to top off your Alaska Airlines mileage account in order to, as Alaska Airlines puts it, “Whisk yourself away on a dream vacay”? Ok, that may sound hokey, but the alliteration is good, and Alaska’s mileage plan has indeed provided me with the start to many wonderful journeys!

We all have our favorite airlines and miles programs. Maybe I’m biased because I usually start my travels from the West Coast, but I’m a big fan of Alaska Airlines and I can never have too many Alaska miles. If your Alaska miles account is short on miles, Alaska has a 40% offer on purchased miles expiring on July 3. This brings the cost to 2.1 cents per mile. Alaska miles have great value for me. Why? I like that Alaska isn’t a part of an airline alliance, but rather that they have a long list of airline partners that offer incredible business and first class products. My two favorite Alaska Airlines partners are Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines. I recently flew Cathay Pacific Business Class to Asia. My first time flying Cathay Pacific was back in 2012, and even after all these years and having flown many different airlines, I’m still a huge Cathay Pacific fan. I have a Japan Airlines flight booked using Alaska miles, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing JAL’s current product.

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